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Chix Confectionery Co. Ltd. - CHI-450 Scottish Footballers (SFBL 1)


CHI-450 Scottish Footballers (SFBL 1)
Chix Confectionery Co. Ltd.

A set of 24 cards, similar to those issued by  companies like Cardmaster and A&BC. Identified by the legend SFBL 1 printed on the backs of the cards. The two cards shown are Willie Telfer (Glasgow Rangers) and Dunky McKay (Glasgow Celtic). I incorrectly identified them when I posted this checklist originally. Thanks to Brian McEwan for pointing out my mistake.

1.  D. Cowie (Dundee)

2.  R. Johnstone (Hibernian)
3.  W. Telfer (Glasgow Rangers)
4.  G. Smith (Heart of Midlothian)
5.  S. Baird (Glasgow Rangers)
6.  R. Wisehart (Aberdeen)
7.  H. Haddock (Clyde)
8.  R. Cox (Dundee)
9.  M. Murray (Glasgow Rangers)
10.  D. McKay (Glasgow Celtic)
11.  R. Kirk (Heart of Midlothian)
12.  A. Cousins (Dundee)
13.  B. Peacock (Glasgow Celtic)
14.  W. Ormond (Hibernian)
15.  J. Murray (Heart of Midlothian)
16.  R. Evans (Glasgow Celtic)
17.  H. Baird (Aberdeen)
18.  T. Younger (Falkirk)  -  wearing Liverpool kit
19.  L. Broadis (Queen of the South)
20.  L. Rae (Falkirk)
21.  J. Cummings (Heart of Midlothian)
22.  F. Martin (Aberdeen)
23.  G. McGeachie (Dundee)
24.  T. Ring (Clyde)

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