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Boys' Magazine - BOY-490 Football Teams - 1925-26

BOY-490  Football Teams 1925-26
Boys' Magazine

Huddersfield Town F.C. 1925-26    -    issue no. 196,  dated 21 November, 1925
Cawthorne, Roebuck, Wilson, Mercer, Taylor, Wadsworth, Watson, Langham, Goodall, Steele, Williams, Jackson, Stephenson, Brown, Wilson, Dennis, Binks, Robinson, Spence, A.W. Smith, Barkas, N. Smith, Shaw, W.H. Smith, Gray.
Tottenham Hotspur FC    -    issue no. 197,  dated 28 November, 1925
Poynton, Walters, Smith, Skitt, Grimsdell, Hinton, Clay, Skinner, Hargreaves, Forster, Osborne, Thompson, Seed, Lindsay, Elkes, Handley, Dimmock.
Manchester City FC    -    issue no. 198,  dated 5 December, 1925
Sharp, Thompson, Cookson, Mitchell, Cowan, Bell, Warner, Austin, Browell, Pringle, Johnson, Hicks, McCloy.
Glasgow Rangers F.C. 1925-26    -    issue no. 199,  dated 12 December, 1925
Hamilton, Archibald, Gray, Osborne, Ireland, Purdon, McGregor, Hodge, Muirhead, Henderson, Meiklejohn, A.Kirkwood, D.Kirkwood, Cunningham, Dick, Manderson, Marshall, Robb, Craig, McCandless, McKay, Cairns, Dixon, Morton, Jamieson, Livingston.
Aston Villa F.C. 1925-26    -    issue no. 200,  dated 19 December, 1925
Smart, Strange, Johnstone, Talbot, Spiers, Moss, Jones, Blackburn, Cooch, Bowen, York, Stephenson, Kirton, Walker, Capewell, Dorrell, Mort, Harris, Corbett, Muldoon.
Cardiff City FC    -    issue no. 201,  dated 26 December, 1925
Latham, Wake, Nelson, Farquharson, Blair, Hardy, Hagen, Lawson, Davies, Davies, Beadles, Evans, Keenor.
Everton F.C. 1925-26    -    issue no. 202,  dated 2 January, 1926
Broad, Elliot, McDonald, Harland, Reid, Brown, McBain, Chedgzoy, O'Donnell, Irvine, Hart, Kennedy, Troup.
Chelsea F.C. 1925-26    -    issue no. 203,  dated 9 January, 1926
Priestly, Frew, Carpenter, McKenna, Sales, Law, Rodger, Castle, Morison, Duffy, Plum, Wilding, Smith, Barrett, Ferguson, Brown, Harris, Raine, Crawford, Whitton, Armstrong, Turnbull, Harrow, Wilson, Miller, Stone, Sykes, Thain, McNeill, Hunston, Howard Baker, Cameron.
Glasgow Celtic F.C. 1925-26    -    issue no. 204,  dated 16 January, 1926
Garden, Corrigan, McLean, McGrory, McFarlane, McGrogan, Blair, McInally, Gilfeather, Shevlin, McColgan, Thompson, Callaghan, Wilson, Leitch, Connolly, J.McStay, W.McStay, Hilley, Gallacher.
Blackburn Rovers F.C. 1925-26    -    issue no. 205,  dated 23 January, 1926
Puddefoot, McKinnel, Sewell, Rollo, Campbell, Hulme, McIntyre, Healless, Hope, McKay, Rigby.
Plymouth Argyle F.C. 1925-26    -    issue no. 206,  dated 30 January, 1926
Jenkins, Cosgrove, Frost, Taylor, Miller, Craig, Price, Connor, Atterburn, Deacon, Ogilvie, Healy, Wallace, Tollady, James, Cherrett, Haynes, Corcoran, Logan, Forbes, Pullen, Cock, Preston, Leslie, Walker, Smith, Sloan, Black.
Sheffield United F.C. 1925-26    -    issue no. 207,  dated 6 February, 1926
Pantling, King, Sutcliffe, Menlove, Milton, Cooke, Sampy, Mercer, Green, Johnson, Gillespie, Tunstall.
Arsenal F.C. 1925-26    -    issue no. 208,  dated 13 February, 1926
Buchan, Neil, Milne, Kennedy, Lewis, Mackie, John, Butler, Young, Rutherford, Hoar, Brain, Baker, Ramsay, Toner, Woods.
Bolton Wanderers F.C.  1925-26    -    issue no. 209,  dated 20 February, 1926
Boston, Jennings, Round, Seddon, Pym, Howarth, Jack, Bagett, Smith, Vizard, Thornborough, Coope.
Southampton F.C.  1925-26    -    issue no. 210,  dated 27 February, 1926
Lee, Matthews, Hough, Parker, Allen, Yeomans, Hill, Titmuss, Keeping, Rayner, Meston, Bruton, King, Wilkinson, Shelley, Campbell, Bradford, Harkus, Turner, Hammock, Bullock, Henderson, Dominy, Rawlings, Price, Carr.
Sunderland F.C.  1925-26    -    issue no. 211,  dated 6 March, 1926
England, Cresswell, McInroy, Clunas, Parker, Andrews, Grimshaw, Halliday, Hawes, Ellis.
Edinburgh Hibernian F.C  1925-26    -    issue no. 212,  dated 13 March, 1926
Love, Templeton, Clark, Shaw, Murray, Melton, Ritchie, Miller, McGinnigle, Dunn, Kerr, Hilligan, McColl, Walker, Dornan.
Derby County F.C.  1925-26    -    issue no. 213,  dated 20 March, 1926
Plackett, Haley, Collins, Rowe, Carr, Olney, Underwood, Bacon, Bromage, McIntyre, Wate, McLaverty, Davidson, Barratt, Moore, Wightman, Crilly, Bedford, Thoms, Storer, Fazackerley, Punford, Tootle, Bromage, Whitehouse, Murphy, Thorneywell.

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