Wednesday 6 November 2013

Topps - Afghan Premier League

Afghan Premier League
96 +1 cards

Last month Topps issued a set of football cards in Afghanistan. The newly minted Topps trading cards feature a player's basic statistics, like his weight, height, and dominant foot. In an Afghan twist, they also name the player's home province. They are sold in packs of five - there are 96 cards overall - and the country's soccer fans can buy them when they purchase tickets to Afghan Premier League matches. There are only 8 teams in the League, so that's just 12 cards per club.
The cards, which were unveiled this month, are meant to be affordable by Afghan standards, retailing for around 20 Afghanis, or about 22 pence in UK currency.
I don't have a complete checklist yet... anyone?
UPDATE (19-01-2023 11:32):  Chris Rodriguez has provided scans of the checklist card allowing me to complete this list. Check out his amazing Facbook page - Panini Football Club.

1.  Emblem (Roshan Afghan Premier League)
2.  Ali Jabeer Laly (Oqaban Hindukosh)
3.  Muhammad Afshar (Oqaban Hindukosh)
4.  Omed Azimi (Oqaban Hindukosh)
5.  Safi Sediqi (Oqaban Hindukosh)
6.  Sakhi Kanhan (Oqaban Hindukosh)
7.  Anil Yusufi (Oqaban Hindukosh)
8.  Faqeer Hussain (Oqaban Hindukosh)
9.  Fardin Hakimi (Oqaban Hindukosh)
10.  Kazim Hashimi (Oqaban Hindukosh)
11.  Saboor Asir (Oqaban Hindukosh)
12.  Sayed Nasir Hisini (Oqaban Hindukosh)
13.  Hezbullah Dashti (Mawjhai Amu)
14.  Atiqullah Shairzad (Mawjhai Amu)
15.  Hedayatullah Ahmadi (Mawjhai Amu)
16.  Muhammad Amin Karimi (Mawjhai Amu)
17.  Basir Ahmad Nasari (Mawjhai Amu)
18.  Abdul Qayoom Daolatzai (Mawjhai Amu)
19.  Muhammad Arif Basiri (Mawjhai Amu)
20.  Abdul Habar Arab (Mawjhai Amu)
21.  Qesmat Ahmadi (Mawjhai Amu)
22.  Abdur Rahim Rahmany (Mawjhai Amu)
23.  Khan Muhammad Sayedi (Mawjhai Amu)
24.  Muhammad Nasar Afzali (Mawjhai Amu)
25.  Hameedullah Yusufzai (Shaheen Asmayee)
26.  Kawesh Haidari (Shaheen Asmayee)
27.  Abdul Wakil Kamalpoor (Shaheen Asmayee)
28.  Ahmed Farshad Miri (Shaheen Asmayee)
29.  Muqadar Qazizada (Shaheen Asmayee)
30.  Najeebullah Faqirzada (Shaheen Asmayee)
31.  Azim Najafi (Shaheen Asmayee)
32.  Mahmood Azad (Shaheen Asmayee)
33.  Mustafa Hashemi (Shaheen Asmayee)
34.  Samiullah Muhammadi (Shaheen Asmayee)
35.  Amrudeen Sharifi (Shaheen Asmayee)
36.  Zainudeen Sharifi (Shaheen Asmayee)
37.  Rahimullah (Simorgh Alborz)
38.  Aimal Muhammadi (Simorgh Alborz)
39.  Murtaza Qaderi (Simorgh Alborz)
40.  Kabir Akbari (Simorgh Alborz)
41.  Asadullah Ahmadi (Simorgh Alborz)
42.  Baryalai Safi (Simorgh Alborz)
43.  Mustafa Rezai (Simorgh Alborz)
44.  Obaidullah (Simorgh Alborz)
45.  Muhammad Muhammadi (Simorgh Alborz)
46.  Fayaz Azizi (Simorgh Alborz)
47.  Munirolhaq Nadim (Simorgh Alborz)
48.  Bashir Shikori (Simorgh Alborz)
49.  Abdul Moqeem Matin (De Abasin Sape)
50.  Abdul Raqeeb (De Abasin Sape)
51.  Aimal Afghan (De Abasin Sape)
52.  Arif Zaidan (De Abasin Sape)
53.  Asmatullah Ali Zada (De Abasin Sape)
54.  Sediqullah Ashna (De Abasin Sape)
55.  Ahmad Wali Gulabzoy (De Abasin Sape)
56.  Jani Khan (De Abasin Sape)
57.  Rahmatullah Ahmad Zai (De Abasin Sape)
58.  Fawad Abudullah (De Abasin Sape)
59.  Hashmatullah Ghaznawi (De Abasin Sape)
60.  Khalid Ghafari (De Abasin Sape)
61.  Yama Yahyazada (Toofan Harirod)
62.  Ali Ahmad Yarzada (Toofan Harirod)
63.  Farzad Atayi (Toofan Harirod)
64.  Muhammad Naser Farahi (Toofan Harirod)
65.  Nawid Nadem (Toofan Harirod)
66.  Tooryalai Hashimi Arab (Toofan Harirod)
67.  Rafi Barekzai (Toofan Harirod)
68.  Maroof Muhammadi (Toofan Harirod)
69.  Ahmad Fawad Kakar (Toofan Harirod)
70.  Naqib Azadani (Toofan Harirod)
71.  Hamidullah Karimi (Toofan Harirod)
72.  Salim Naeemi (Toofan Harirod)
73.  Qudratulla (De Maiwand Atalan)
74.  Farid Azad (De Maiwand Atalan)
75.  Feraidoon (De Maiwand Atalan)
76.  Matiullah (De Maiwand Atalan)
77.  Muhammad Yunus (De Maiwand Atalan)
78.  Sher Khan (De Maiwand Atalan)
79.  Asadullah Rezai (De Maiwand Atalan)
80.  Faiz Muhammad (De Maiwand Atalan)
81.  Sami Ghairatmai (De Maiwand Atalan)
82.  Muhammad Zaidan (De Maiwand Atalan)
83.  Mustafa Zobal (De Maiwand Atalan)
84.  Sayed Baqer (De Maiwand Atalan)
85.  Ata Muhammad Popal (De Spinghar Bazan)
86.  Ajmal Pardes (De Spinghar Bazan)
87.  Aimal Noori (De Spinghar Bazan)
88.  Surab Niyazi (De Spinghar Bazan)
89.  Qudratullah Ali Yari (De Spinghar Bazan)
90.  Sher Ali Lalir (De Spinghar Bazan)
91.  Abhar Ali Noor (De Spinghar Bazan)
92.  Kawoos Sargand (De Spinghar Bazan)
93.  Anayatullah Dare Noori (De Spinghar Bazan)
94.  Samir Ghazanfari (De Spinghar Bazan)
95.  Sekandar Agha Zada (De Spinghar Bazan)
96.  Fahim Afkar (De Spinghar Bazan)

NNO.  Checklist


  1. Hello, Alan

    Do you have some double cards of this set? I’m looking for the cards no. 5,7,10,23,26,27,34,43,96


  2. Hello! I have the complete set and the checklist. Actually there are 96 cards +1 Checklist. I sent to you the list on your email. Regards

    1. Hi Chris,

      I'm sorry it's taken me a little while to action your comment. Thank you very much for your e-mail, I will be able to update this post later today.



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