Thursday, 3 October 2013

Rostron, New Wortley - Leeds United F.C. Postcards (02)

Leeds United F.C. Postcards
Rostron, New Wortley (Fielding - photographer)
Unknown number

Roger Pashby has forwarded some more information...
I have just come across the Rostron postcards of Leeds players on your blog. I had four of these recently, bought as part of an auction lot described as Huddersfield cards. I have subsequently sold three of them on eBay but still have one left, the attached picture of Bill Menzies. 
I have also included a scan of the other one that I sold, the one which you haven’t got there. Unfortunately it has my ‘watermarking’ across it so that no-one could simply steal the image.
In addition there is a postcard of Tom Mitchell, also by Rostron, although in a different series and photographer. This also bears my mark!
The Bill Menzies card is available for sale at £20.00 including postage and packing. If anyone is interested, please let me know and I'll pass you on to Roger.

J.F. Potts   (1926-1934 at Leeds United)
E.A. Hart   (1920-1936 at Leeds United)
Bill Menzies   (1922-1934 at Leeds United)
Geo. Reed   (1923-1931 at Leeds United)
T. Townsley   (1925-1930 at Leeds United)


  1. I have also got L.Jennings & A.Campey in the autographed series and one unsigned presumably from another series. I also have one without the Rostron wording C.F.Keetley. And finally T.Townsley to add to the 1930-31 series. Also one very similar but photo by Lonnergan of Albert McInroy, name in block lettering. If you want scans let me know.

    1. Hi Gary,

      Yes please, I'd love to show scans on this blog.


  2. Alan come to me on and we can sort it out. I have been busy with parent illness for a few months. Gary


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