Thursday, 3 October 2013

Beejay Soccer Enterprises - Post-a-Photo Postcards

Post-a-Photo Postcards
Beejay Soccer Enterprises 

Only 20 of each card was produced and 9 of the 30 cards were personally autographed by the player/personality featured. Initially, they were offered, exclusively, to Football Postcard Collectors Club members as complete series, then individual sets and later a very few sets were split-up and sold singly.

Set 1 (7 cards)

Set 2 (7 cards)

Set 3 (6 cards)

Set 4 (10 cards)

I know of two, but don't know which sets they come from:

Phil Parkes
Geoff Hurst
George Best (Reading - guest)   -   added 01-06-2020


  1. George Best playing for Reading as a guest was one card .No set details but it said limited to 500


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