Saturday, 13 July 2013

Topps / Allen & Ginter - Guys in Hats

Guys in Hats
Topps / Allen & Ginter

Something a little different this time. The 2012 collection of Allen & Ginter cards issued in the United States included a sub-set of 10 cards called 'Guys in Hats'. I noticed Winston Churchil on card no. 6 and Butch Cassidy on card no. 1

It got me thinking that probably, all 10 people are 'real'. I've even found some of the actual photos that the artwork was created from.

Can anyone fill in the gaps?

GH-1. The Bowler - Butch Cassidy
GH-2. The Boater
GH-3. The Fedora - J. Edgar Hoover (??)
GH-4. The Fez - His Majesty King Fuad I of Egypt and Sudan
GH-5. The Pith Helmet
GH-6. The Top Hat - Winston Churchill
GH-7. The Mortarboard - Linus Pauling (biochemist, two-time Nobel Prize winner), from a graduation photo taken in 1922 
GH-8. The Flat Cap
GH-9. The Garrison Cap
GH-10. The Bicorne - Napoleon Bonaparte

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