Sunday 2 June 2013

Quess Cards - Football Stars 1936

Football Stars 1936
Quess Cards
Unknown number

The two cards above have been borrowed from Steve Marsh's superb West Ham United memorabilia site theyflysohigh. Whether or not your a West Ham fan, Steve's site is a superb collection of not only trade cards, but all sorts of collectable items. Check it out, you won't be disappointed.

When I saw the cards they looked familiar, but I couldn't pinpoint where I'd seen them before. Eventually though I found them, in a little booklet that was given away with The Champion comic called 'The Champion Album of Famous Footballers' Autographs and Photographs' (the album cover is shown above). Pages from the album were issued as cards by John Allen in 1997 in a set called 'Blue is the Colour'. The last illustration above shows the card of the page from which the two cards come from.

1.  ?
2.  ?
3.  ?
4.  ?
5.  ?
6.  J. Marshall (West Ham United)
7.  J.W. Ruffell (West Ham)
8.  ?

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