Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Panini Croatia - Liga Prvaka (UEFA Champions League) 1999-2000

Liga Prvaka (UEFA Champions League) 1999-2000
extra 17 stickers

1999-2000 was the first season that Panini produced a UEFA Champions League sticker collection. In Croatia additional pages were added for the inclusion of N.K. Croatia (Dinamo Zagreb). 16 players and a team photo were included. I don't know how these extra stickers were numbered, but here's a list of them:
UPDATE (14-02-2016 19:17):  See the comment below from del Piero. These are NOT stickers.

Team Photo
Dražen Ladić
Krunoslav Jurčić
Goran Jurić
Mihael Mikić
Edin Mujčin
Tomislav Rukavina
Daniel Šarić
Mario Cvitanović
Joško Jeličić
Robert Prosinečki
Josip Šimić
Tomo Šokota
Mario Tokić
Stjepan Tomas
Igor Bišćan
Miljenko Mumlek


  1. This are not extra stickers. This are just two pages with Croatia (Dinamo). This are not stickers so they dont have numbers.

  2. Scan 1:

    and scan 2:


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