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Reclamos F. Borrás - Jugadores Internacionales - Serie D

Jugadores Internacionales - Serie D
Reclamos F. Borrás


Another Spanish set, Very attractive photograph of contemporary footballers, probably issued in 1925. 4 names missing from this list. The list includes one player from St. Mirren who must have toured the area around this time. This set was issued by a wide range of companies including.

Chocolates del Centro Cooperativo Industrial (Barcelona)
La Casa Castella (Palma)
Nuevo Caramelo Balompie, La Fortuna (Madrid)
Chocolate Viladás
Chocolates Piera y Brugueras
Conte - Lacoste Olot - (Gerona)
Visite usted la tienda El Miguelete de José Clavel
La Casa del chocolate Ntra. Señora de la Salud -  José Planells
Fabrica de Caramelos Amaya Deogracios Garicono y Ca. (Pamplona)
Manuel Negrillos (Pamplona)

1.  Acedo   (illustrated above)
2.  Paulino Alcántara (F.C. Barcelona)
3.  Arrate
4.  Arrillaga
5.  Artola
6.  Balbino
7.  Carmelo   -    added 24-06-2020   -  thanks to John
8.  Carrasco - Defensa derecha
9.  Dubly (Roubaix)
10.  D. Duncan (St. Mirren)
11.  Echeveste
12.  Eizaguirre
13.  Feldman (Servette)
14.  Ramon Gonzalez
15.  Kalb (Nuremberg)
16.  Kuthan (Rapid de Viena)
17.  Meana (Sporting de Gijon)
18.  Monjardin
19.  Montesinos   -    added 24-06-2020   -  thanks to John
20.  Olaizola    (illustrated above)
21.  Olaso - Extremo izquierda
22.  Otero
23.  Packe - Interior derecha del “Servette”
24.  Pagaza (Racing de Santander)
25.  Patricio (Real Union Irun) Delantero centro
26.  Peña (Arenas F.C.)
27.  Piera (F.C. Barcelona)
28.  Polo (Celta de Vigo)
29.  Potolo   -    added 24-06-2020   -  thanks to John
30.  René Petit - Medio centro
31.  Riegel - Medio izquierdo del “Nuremberg”
32.  Sabino (Athletic Club de Bilbao)
33.  Samitler
34.  Suncho
35.  Schaffer (M.T.K. Budapest)
36.  Sesúmaga (Athletic Club de Bilbao)
37.  Stuhlfaut (Nuremberg)
38.  Traeg (Nuremburg)   -   added   -    thanks to Peter
39.  Travieso - Delantero centro
40.  Vallana
41.  Zabala
42.  Zamora


  1. Hello,
    just wanted to tell you that No. 38 is Traeg from Nuremberg. Regards - Peter

    1. Hi Peter,

      Thank you for your help, I'll update the list.


  2. Hi Alan, Carmelo (7), Montesinos (19), and Potolo (29) are the missing names. Regards John

  3. Thank you John, it's always a good day when a checklist is completed.

  4. József Molnár23 May 2022 at 12:26

    Hello Alan!
    I got this Schaffer card a few days ago, the back of it is interesting. Advertising is not a chocolate factory, but a crockery, crystal, electric appliances store. I can send you a picture of him



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