Friday, 19 April 2013

Barratt & Co. - Famous Footballers (Transfers)

Famous Footballers (Transfers)
Barratt & Co.

2 sheets, 40 transfers.

I've had an e-mail from Mick Wallace about transfer from the 1940s.
Alan, congratulations on Cardiff City reaching the Premiership, well deserved after the last 3 years of play-off heartbreak. 
Recently purchased some football transfer cards and I wondered if you have any info on them. All / have is that they were issued Anonymous, circa 1949.
I went for the Newcastle card of Frank Brennan but also got a Cardiff City one, A.R. Lever, thought you may have it in your collection and may know more detail. Also got a Jackie Milburn Barratt transfer card from 1952. I am a member of the CGSB as well, and will be attending both days of this years convention at Woking.
Regards, Mick

These were issued by Barratt as two sheets of 20 transfers. Above you'll see a complete sheet, plus another illustration showing the front sheet plus part of one of the sticker sheets. They were included in special Christmas stocking presents produced by Barratt & Co., featuring sweets and gifts in a net stocking.
UPDATE (05-03-2016):  In doing research on other sheets of transfers from the 1940's I've found a black and white photocopy of the second sheet, so I thought I'd add it here. The sheets are unnumbered and are numbered here for reference purposes only.
UPDATE (23-22-2019 19:39):  I originally had two sheets listed here one without the title section and this one with a title section. I presumed they were both called 'Famous Footballers'. It turns out that the other sheet is titled 'Stars of Soccer' and I've given that one it's own post and removed all reference to it from this one.

W. Mannion (Middlesbrough)
S. Bartram (Charlton A.)
C. Wayman (Southampton)
J. Dickinson (Portsmouth)
T. Lawton (Notts C.)
S. Mortensen (Blackpool)
J. Milburn (Newcastle)
L. Compton (Arsenal)
R. Carter (Hull C.)
R. Boulton (Grimsby)
R. Bentley (Chelsea)
J. Mason (Third Lanark)
J. Cowan (Morton)
R. Brennan (Luton)
E. Quigley (Sheffield W.)
W. Hurrell (Millwall U.)
H. Dorsett (Aston Villa)
R. Thomas (Fulham)
H. Roberts (Birmingham)
J. Morris (Derby County)

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