Monday, 18 February 2013

S & B Products, Glasgow - SAA-040/SAB-1 Torry Gillick's Internationals (01) - Bryn Jones

SAA-040/SAB-1 Torry Gillick's Internationals
S & B Products, Glasgow

64 cards

A close inspection of the above card shows an error in the biography.

The first line reads "Arsenal and Dales inside left."
...which should read "Arsenal and Wales inside left."

I would like to know if there is a corrected version issued. Can anyone help?
UPDATE (24-04-2021 00:08):  Images of a card with the corrected text added.


  1. Yes, my card says Wales.
    Sean C.

    1. Hi Sean,

      Thanks for letting me know, I just managed to track one down, though the layout of the back of the card is slightly different.

    2. The back of my 'Wales' card is the same as yours except black ink as opposed to your blue.
      Keep up the good work - its much appreciated !

    3. Cheers Sean. There are so many variations with this collection.


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