Friday 22 February 2013

F.M. Foods - Welsh Footballers and Cricketers

FAA-050 / FAB-2 - Welsh Footballers and Cricketers
F.M. (Fred Morgan) Foods

A very rare set of cards issued in South Wales in 1925. The set is known as 'vari-backed', where each card has a different back, advertising the foods available from the company.
The only card missing from the checklist is card no. 18. The set includes a team photo of Swansea Town who won the Football League Division 3 South at the end of the 1924-25 season. Cardiff City reached the final of the F.A. Cup (losing 0-1 to Shefffield United). It is possible that card no. 18 is a team photo of Cardiff City, but that's pure speculation.

1.  Gwynne Davies (Swansea Amateurs)
2.  George Barclay (Glynneath RFC)
3.  W. Davies (Cardiff City FC)
4.  Ewart Thomas (Llanelly RFC)
5.  D.H. Davies (Penclawdd RFC)
6.  Len Davies (Cardiff City FC)
7.  Jack Hier (Kenfig Hill RFC)
8.  Arthur John (Llanelly RFC)
9.  Harold Beadles (Cardiff City FC)
10.  Gethin Thomas (Llanelly RFC)
11.  D. Vincent Chapman (Morriston RFC)
12.  L. Thompson (Swansea Town)
13.  Harry Deacon (Swansea Town)
14.  Swansea Town FC
15.  Cyril Shell (Kenfig Hill RFC)
16.  J. Fowler (Swansea Town)
17.  E. Morley (Swansea Town)
19.  Hubert Evans (Ammanford RFC)
20.  W. Hole (Swansea Town)
21.  Morris (Swansea RFC)
22.  Sam Longford (Swansea RFC - Full Back)
23.  Charles Pugh (Neath RFC)
24.  Dick Davies (Swansea RFC)
25.  J.H. John (Swansea RFC)
26.  Teddy Phillips (Carmarthen RFC)
27.  Emlyn Williams (Aberavon RFC)
28.  Dai Parker (Swansea RFC)
29.  Eddie Beynon (Swansea RFC)
30.  J. Elwyn Watkins (Swansea RFC)
31.  Reg Edwards (Newport RFC)
32.  Bryn Phillips (Aberavon RFC)
33.  D. Nicholas (Swansea Town)
34.  Neill MacPherson (Newport RFC)
35.  Dai Pugh (Maesteg RFC)
36.  J. Wetter, Dr. Roche, N. MacPherson, R. Edwards (Newport RFC)
37.  J.T. Nicholas (Swansea - Wales Boys Intern'l)
38.  C.C. Smart (Briton Ferry Town - Cricket)
39.  Herbert Bellamey  (Swansea Town)
40.  J. Wetter (Newport RFC)


  1. Hello Alan.

    By 'vari backed' do you mean that each card in the set possibly had multiple backs like battlefields of Great Britain by F&J Smith?

    Regards, Paul Hodder in Porthcawl.

    1. Hi Paul,

      Each card is only available with one back, but each back design is different. I hope this helps.
      Are you going for a swim in the morning?



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