Sunday 5 May 2024

Topps - Match Attax UEFA Euro 2024 (10) - Checklist - Golden Glory & Premium Pro

Match Attax UEFA Euro 2024
585+ cards

The Golden Glory packets contain 10 cards, including 1 Rainbow Foil card, 1 Holographic Foil card, 2 Legend Signature Style card, 1 Purple Sapphire Parallel card, 3 all-new Challenger cards and 2 new and exclusive deluxe Golden Glory cards. You need to buy a full box of 10 packets at £100 to guarantee getting all 10 Golden Glory cards.
Premium Pro packets - with 10 cards, including 3 Rainbow Foil cards, 1 Holographic Foil card, 1 Legend Signature Style card, 1 Green Emerald Parallel card, 3 all-new Challenger cards and 1 new and exclusive high-tech Premium Pro card. You need to buy a full box of 10 packets at £50 to guarantee getting all 10 Premium Pro cards. 
The checklist for the main collection can be seen here - Topps - Match Attax UEFA Euro 2024 (10) - Checklist.
UPDATE (07-05-2023 15:14):  Thanks to A Magia dos Cromos for providing better quality scans of the cards.

Challenger (Golden Glory & Premium Pro packets exclusive)
29 cards

CP 1.  Benjamin Henrichs (Germany)
CP 2.  Emre Can (Germany)
CP 3.  Kaan Ayhan (Turkey)
CP 4.  Dejan Ljubicic (Austria)
CP 5.  Johan Bakayoko (Belgium)
CP 6.  Loïs Openda (Belgium)
CP 7.  Borna Sosa (Croatia)
CP 8.  Lovro Majer (Croatia)
CP 9.  Mojmír Chytil (Czech Republic)
CP 10.  Jens Stryger Larsen (Denmark)
CP 11.  Kalvin Phillips (England)
CP 12.  Jarrod Bowen (England)
CP 13.  Pierre Kalulu (France)
CP 14.  Moussa Diaby (France)
CP 15.  Endre Botka (Hungary)
CP 16.  Matteo Pessina (Italy)
CP 17.  Destiny Udogie (Italy)
CP 18.  Noa Lang (Netherlands)
CP 19.  Wout Weghorst (Netherlands)
CP 20.  Keidi Bare (Albania)
CP 21.  Jure Balkovec (Slovenia)
CP 22.  William Carvalho (Portugal)
CP 23.  Vitinha (Portugal)
CP 24.  Ianis Hagi (Romania)
CP 25.  Grant Hanley (Scotland)
CP 26.  Stefan Mitrović (Serbia)
CP 27.  Patrik Hrošovský (Slovakia)
CP 28.  César Azpilicueta (Spain)
CP 29.  Edimilson Fernandes (Switzerland)

Golden Glory Limited Edition (Golden Glory packet exclusive)
10 cards
PARALLEL: Golden Glory Limited Edition  - Image Variation #/101

GG LE 1.  Leroy Sané (Germany)
GG LE 2.  Kevin De Bruyne (Belgium)
GG LE 3.  Luka Modrić (Croatia)
GG LE 4.  Christian Eriksen (Denmark)
GG LE 5.  Theo Hernández (France)
GG LE 6.  Alessandro Bastoni (Italy)
GG LE 7.  Virgil van Dijk (Netherlands)
GG LE 8.  Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)
GG LE 9.  Kyle Walker (England)
GG LE 10.  Hakan Çalhanoğlu (Turkey)

Premium Pro Limited Edition (Premium Pro packet exclusive)
10 cards
PARALLEL: Premium Pro Limited Edition  - Image Variation #/100

PP 1.  John Stones (England)
PP 2.  Mateo Kovačić (Croatia)
PP 3.  Declan Rice (England)
PP 4.  Olivier Giroud (France)
PP 5.  Marco Verratti (Italy)
PP 6.  Denzel Dumfries (Netherlands)
PP 7.  João Félix (Portugal)
PP 8.  Dušan Vlahović (Serbia)
PP 9.  Romelu Lukaku (Belgium)
PP 10.  Álvaro Morata (Spain)

Legend (Premium Pro packet exclusive)
3 cards

LEG 1.  Matthias Sammer (Germany)
LEG 2.  Lothar Matthäus (Germany)
LEG 3.  Michael Ballack (Germany)


  1. Are those on sale already? Where did you get this info? Thanks

    1. Hi Joel,

      Some have started appearing on eBay from German sellers.

    2. Yeah took a look at it right now, as usual product isnt for sale.on they're website that its already on ebay

    3. Golden Glory packs and boxes available now on Topps european sites (seen on UK and DE)

    4. has the PRO boxes.

  2. Hi Alan,
    This card from the checklist is wrong
    CP 11. Nick Pope (England) wrong
    CP 11. Kalvin Phillips (England) correct

  3. and also this one
    PP 1. Milan Škriniar (Slovakia) wrong
    PP 1. John Stones (England) correct

    1. And again, thank you Pedro, I appreciate your help.

  4. How are they so incompetent? Even after the so coming updates , the rosters are outdated. No Manaj for Albania, No Barak for Czechia (although Lidl Collection contains him). And many more to consider. How is this even possible?

    1. It is a dreadful collection, the cards and the stickers. Fanatics is ruining our hobby.

  5. Hi, GG LE 9 is wrong,
    Card correct is Kyle Walker (England)

  6. I received the box of premium packs that I ordered from the Topps website and it doesn't even have the full set of CP cards, even though they are only in this item.

  7. PARALLEL: Golden Glory Limited Edition - Image Variation #/100 must be Image Variation #/101

    1. Just added examples of the Golden Glory and Premium Pro Image Variation cards. Thanks for your help.

  8. Has anyone else had the misfortune of buying a box of Premium Pro packets and, despite the blurb, not getting a complete set of the 10 PP cards? I only got 9 of the 10 (missing PP3). Most annoying.

  9. Alan: I concur with your views on this collection, but my son badly wanted Euro 2024 cards. With the help of your outstanding checklists, we created a Topp-Nini select collection using Match Attax and Adrenalyn XL England cards. Ten team/250 card limit with no Match Attax player-in-pajamas cards and a major cut in both duplicative Adrenalyn XL parallels and Match Attax extra cards. Just think if a single company had been able to offer something like this . . . .
    Dan R

    1. Hi Dan,

      That's a great idea. I've always had the belief that we should collect what we want to collect. Collecting everything is just not financially feasible, so we should collect what we like and what we enjoy and you seem to have done just that. Superb.


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