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Eagle and Boys' World - Olympic Medals ~ Gallery of Champions

Olympic Medals ~ Gallery of Champions
Eagle and Boys' World
4 medals
32 cut-outs

It's not the first time that Lynn Davies, who won the Long Jump Gold Medal at the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo, has featured on my blog. Before making a name for himself in the athletics world he was on the books at Cardiff City. When I found this item on eBay I spotted his photo straight away. I suppose it could be deemed fate as the comic only included 4 medals and over two weeks they provided over 30 photos of competitors that could be cut out and pasted on the medal. If I hadn't spotted Lynn Davies I wouldn't have looked any further. By the way, this was the first issue following the merger of Eagle and Boys' World and the reason why the medals include the name of Boy's World on the back but there's no reference to the Eagle comic.

Gallery of Champions - 10 October, 1964

Robbie Brightwell (Athletics)
Peter Snell (Athletics)
Bobby McGregor (Swimming)
Piero D'Inzeo (Show Jumping)
Trevor Burton  (Athletics)
Valeriy Brumel (Athletics)
Brian Kilby (Athletics)
Yuro Vlasov (Weightlifting)
Henry Carr (Athletics)
Mike Lindsay (Athletics)
Al Oerter (Athletics)
Lynn Davies (Athletics)
Alan Simpson (Athletics)
Howard Payne (Athletics)
Gordon Miller (Athletics)
Brian Phelps (Diving)

Gallery of Champions - 17 October, 1964

Micel Jazy (Athletics)
Bob Hayes (Athletics)
Dallas Long (Athletics)
Louis Martin (Weightlifting)
Dick McTaggart (Boxing)
Don Thompson (Athletics)
Alastair Wilson (Canoeing)
Gordon Miller (Athletics)

Gallery of Champions - 24 October, 1964

Vasiliy Rudyenkov (Athletics)
Peter Radford (Athletics)
Maurice Herriott (Athletics)
Harvey Smith (Show Jumping)
Mike Parker (Athletics)
Bill Barry (Rowing)
John Cooper (Athletics)
Colin Smith (Athletics)

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