Friday, 1 July 2022

nikolaitradingcards - Squads 1919-20

Squads 1919-20
18 cards

All cards are printed on 260gsm stock, gloss image, matt text. They may not be suitable for trading card dealers as they carry souvenir value only. They are geared more toward collectors who wish to have a souvenir of an event.

Squads 1919-20 - West Ham United FC

Ted Hufton, William Cope, Alf Lee, Alf Fenwick, James McRae, Harry Lane, Harry Bradshaw, Robert Morris, David Smith, James Moyes, Syd Puddefoot, Syd King, Alf Leafe, Thomas Green, Horace Biggin, Alf Tirrell, Frank Burton, George Butcher

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