Thursday, 26 August 2021

Panini - 2021-22 Premier League Score (01) - First News

2021-22 Premier League Score
? cards

The just appeared on Panini UK's social media platforms - no other information at present.
UPDATE (06-09-2021 23:44):  Thanks to a comment below, packets will have a RRP of £3.00, boxes will contain 20 packets and the collection is due out in November and will be a UK-only release.
UPDATE (16-09-2021 17:26):  The release date has been amended to 9 December, 2021. Retail Boxes will hold 20 packets, with 10 cards per packet and should include 3 numbered Parallels, 5 Red Parallels and 12 Inserts. 30 card Fat Packs will also be available, with 12 per Box.


  1. Hi Alan, A little more info on this set. They will rrp at £3 a packet. 20 packs per box and are due for release in November. This will be a UK only release.

  2. Hi Alan,

    I dont see it being a UK only release, looks like this set is a UK only release (ie. like fat packs and hybrid boxes from prizm)

    1. They’ve said it’s a uk exclusive tho

  3. Replies
    1. The only information known so far is what's included above. They haven't said anything about how many cards in the set.

  4. Hi Alan, do you have a recommendation on any online sellers to purchase from? I’m in the US and looking for Intl shipping capabilities

    1. Hi Zac,

      Thanks for your comments, there are some sad people in this world so I have to authorise any comments to make sure nothing inappropriate gets through.

      I am not aware of any dealers in the UK taking this collection but there must be some. My main interest is in older collections. Hopefully someone else more knowledgeable will see your comment and be able to help.


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