Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Unknown magazine - Plymouth Argyle Personalities (1947-48)

Plymouth Argyle Personalities
Unknown magazine
20 cut-outs

I've had this checklist for a number of decades but I've only recently realised that each of these are numbered. These have been cut out and pasted onto card and must come from a magazine, as the Gorman item seems to have a page number at the bottom. Looking at the list of players I have presumed that they come from the 1947-48 season.

4.  W. Harper (Trainer)
5.  A. Gorman (Assistant Trainer)
John Oakes
William Shortt
Patrick Ratcliffe (1947-1955)
Robert Royston
George Wright
George Silk
Norman Pengelly
Stanley Dixon
Jack Davies
Sydney Rawlings
David Thomas
William Strauss
Alex Govan
Luke Tinkler
Sydney Rundle
Alex Holland
Robert Warren
Charles Livsey

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