Friday, 12 July 2019

Woolworths / Guinness Book of Record - Fascinating Facts

Fascinating Facts
Woolworths / Guinness Book of Record
24 cards

Each card is 80mm x 50mm.

Fascinating Facts - 1-6.  The Living World
1.  Coldest blooded mammal: Spiny anteater
2. Rarest dog breed -American hairless terriers
3.  Longest living bird: Siberian white crane
4.  First recorded Albino gorilla
5.  Largest captive crocodile
6.  A crossbreed sheep believed to be 28-years-old
Fascinating Facts - 7-12.  The Arts and Entertainment
7.  Photograph taken with 160 Hollywood stars
8.  Largest drum kit
9.  Most prolific painter of saleable paintings
10.  "Irises" by Vincent Van Gogh
11.  Largest classical concert attendance
12.  Most durable television show
Fascinating Facts - 13-18.  Human Achievements
13.  Only known bus driven on two wheels
14.  Largest bowl of strawberries
15.  Trapeze act suspended from a balloon
16.  Marathon performance of 107 hours
17.  Greatest diameter for a bubble gum bubble
18.  Walked 250km wearing water ski shoes
Fascinating Facts - 19-24.  Sports, Games and Pastimes
19.  Most women's Olympic gold medals
20.  Youngest player ever in the FA Cup
21.  Record 3 KI Slalom individual world titles
22.  Marbles dates from ancient times
23.  Cycle, walk & climb to the top of all 277 Munros
24.  Isle of Man TT speed record at 197-76 km/h

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