Saturday, 22 June 2019

Topps - Match Attax 101 (16) - Kylian Mbappe - LE4

Match Attax 101
229 cards

There seems to have been a delay with the Kylian Mbappe Limited Edition card. I was originally told that the issue of Kick! Extra magazine that it would be issued with was scheduled to be published on 19 June but the magazine is now due out on 11 July. I presume the publication date has been re-scheduled. The Kylian Mbappe Limited Edition card will also be included with Kick! Extra's sister publication Footy (not sure of the magazine's issue number) which will be published on 4 July. The complete checklist can be found here - Topps - Match Attax 101 (08) - Checklist.

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