Thursday, 25 April 2019

Dickson Orde & Co. - (DIC-070a/b) Sports of the Countries (02) - "SPORTS" 22mm

(DIC-070a/b) Sports of the Countries
Dickson Orde & Co.
25 cards (1 football)

I knew there were two different backs for this collection, without really studying them I originally listed as a regular typeface and the other as a bold typeface. The Cartophilic Society of Great Britain has them catalogued by the size of the word "SPORTS" in the title. One is 19mm long (the bold version) and the other as 22mm (regular version) but on closed examination the two versions use completely different typefaces (the easy way to spot them is the letter "g" in the word "average"). The other obvious differences are in the text in the first and last lines - "The average Englishman takes" and "nowadays." compared to "The average Englishman" and "money nowadays."

(DIC-070a) Sports of the Countries - printing 1 - "SPORTS" 19mm long
(DIC-070b) Sports of the Countries - printing 2 - "SPORTS" 22mm long

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