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Odyak Yayıncılık - Galatasaray 2018-2019 Sezon Taraftar Kartları (04) - 21'li Kutu Box

Galatasaray 2018-2019 Sezon Taraftar Kartları
Odyak Yayıncılık
? cards

Here are a couple of images of the special 21 card Box.


  1. 1A Fernando Muslera Galatasaray 1.SEVİYE
    1B Fernando Muslera Galatasaray 2.SEVİYE
    1C Fernando Muslera Galatasaray 3.SEVİYE
    1D Fernando Muslera Galatasaray 4.SEVİYE
    1E Fernando Muslera Galatasaray PLATİNUM
    2A Maicon Galatasaray 1.SEVİYE
    2B Maicon Galatasaray 2.SEVİYE
    2C Maicon Galatasaray 3.SEVİYE
    2D Maicon Galatasaray 4.SEVİYE
    2E Maicon Galatasaray PLATİNUM
    3A Serdar Aziz Galatasaray 1.SEVİYE
    3B Serdar Aziz Galatasaray 2.SEVİYE
    3C Serdar Aziz Galatasaray 3.SEVİYE
    3D Serdar Aziz Galatasaray 4.SEVİYE
    3E Serdar Aziz Galatasaray PLATİNUM
    4A Ahmet Çalık Galatasaray 1.SEVİYE
    4B Ahmet Çalık Galatasaray 2.SEVİYE
    4C Ahmet Çalık Galatasaray 3.SEVİYE
    4D Ahmet Çalık Galatasaray 4.SEVİYE
    4E Ahmet Çalık Galatasaray PLATİNUM
    5A Garry Rodrigues Galatasaray 1.SEVİYE
    5B Garry Rodrigues Galatasaray 2.SEVİYE
    5C Garry Rodrigues Galatasaray 3.SEVİYE
    5D Garry Rodrigues Galatasaray 4.SEVİYE
    5E Garry Rodrigues Galatasaray PLATİNUM
    6A Selçuk İnan Galatasaray 1.SEVİYE
    6B Selçuk İnan Galatasaray 2.SEVİYE
    6C Selçuk İnan Galatasaray 3.SEVİYE
    6D Selçuk İnan Galatasaray 4.SEVİYE
    6E Selçuk İnan Galatasaray PLATİNUM
    7A Eren Derdiyok Galatasaray 1.SEVİYE
    7B Eren Derdiyok Galatasaray 2.SEVİYE
    7C Eren Derdiyok Galatasaray 3.SEVİYE
    7D Eren Derdiyok Galatasaray 4.SEVİYE
    7E Eren Derdiyok Galatasaray PLATİNUM
    8A Younes Belhanda Galatasaray 1.SEVİYE
    8B Younes Belhanda Galatasaray 2.SEVİYE
    8C Younes Belhanda Galatasaray 3.SEVİYE
    8D Younes Belhanda Galatasaray 4.SEVİYE
    8E Younes Belhanda Galatasaray PLATİNUM
    9A Sinan Gümüş Galatasaray 1.SEVİYE
    9B Sinan Gümüş Galatasaray 2.SEVİYE
    9C Sinan Gümüş Galatasaray 3.SEVİYE
    9D Sinan Gümüş Galatasaray 4.SEVİYE
    9E Sinan Gümüş Galatasaray PLATİNUM
    10A İsmail Çipe Galatasaray 1.SEVİYE
    10B İsmail Çipe Galatasaray 2.SEVİYE
    10C İsmail Çipe Galatasaray 3.SEVİYE
    10D İsmail Çipe Galatasaray 4.SEVİYE
    10E İsmail Çipe Galatasaray PLATİNUM
    11A Martin Linnes Galatasaray 1.SEVİYE
    11B Martin Linnes Galatasaray 2.SEVİYE
    11C Martin Linnes Galatasaray 3.SEVİYE
    11D Martin Linnes Galatasaray 4.SEVİYE
    11E Martin Linnes Galatasaray PLATİNUM
    12A Ryan Donk Galatasaray 1.SEVİYE
    12B Ryan Donk Galatasaray 2.SEVİYE
    12C Ryan Donk Galatasaray 3.SEVİYE
    12D Ryan Donk Galatasaray 4.SEVİYE
    12E Ryan Donk Galatasaray PLATİNUM
    13A Badou Ndiaye Galatasaray 1.SEVİYE
    13B Badou Ndiaye Galatasaray 2.SEVİYE
    13C Badou Ndiaye Galatasaray 3.SEVİYE
    13D Badou Ndiaye Galatasaray 4.SEVİYE
    13E Badou Ndiaye Galatasaray PLATİNUM

  2. 14A Fernando Galatasaray 1.SEVİYE
    14B Fernando Galatasaray 2.SEVİYE
    14C Fernando Galatasaray 3.SEVİYE
    14D Fernando Galatasaray 4.SEVİYE
    14E Fernando Galatasaray PLATİNUM
    15A Yunus Akgün Galatasaray 1.SEVİYE
    15B Yunus Akgün Galatasaray 2.SEVİYE
    15C Yunus Akgün Galatasaray 3.SEVİYE
    15D Yunus Akgün Galatasaray 4.SEVİYE
    15E Yunus Akgün Galatasaray PLATİNUM
    16A Ozan Kabak Galatasaray 1.SEVİYE
    16B Ozan Kabak Galatasaray 2.SEVİYE
    16C Ozan Kabak Galatasaray 3.SEVİYE
    16D Ozan Kabak Galatasaray 4.SEVİYE
    16E Ozan Kabak Galatasaray PLATİNUM
    17A Celil Yüksel Galatasaray 1.SEVİYE
    17B Celil Yüksel Galatasaray 2.SEVİYE
    17C Celil Yüksel Galatasaray 3.SEVİYE
    17D Celil Yüksel Galatasaray 4.SEVİYE
    17E Celil Yüksel Galatasaray PLATİNUM
    18A Yuto Nagatomo Galatasaray 1.SEVİYE
    18B Yuto Nagatomo Galatasaray 2.SEVİYE
    18C Yuto Nagatomo Galatasaray 3.SEVİYE
    18D Yuto Nagatomo Galatasaray 4.SEVİYE
    18E Yuto Nagatomo Galatasaray PLATİNUM
    19A Muğdat Çelik Galatasaray 1.SEVİYE
    19B Muğdat Çelik Galatasaray 2.SEVİYE
    19C Muğdat Çelik Galatasaray 3.SEVİYE
    19D Muğdat Çelik Galatasaray 4.SEVİYE
    19E Muğdat Çelik Galatasaray PLATİNUM
    20A Sofiane Feghouli Galatasaray 1.SEVİYE
    20B Sofiane Feghouli Galatasaray 2.SEVİYE
    20C Sofiane Feghouli Galatasaray 3.SEVİYE
    20D Sofiane Feghouli Galatasaray 4.SEVİYE
    20E Sofiane Feghouli Galatasaray PLATİNUM
    21A Ömer Bayram Galatasaray 1.SEVİYE
    21B Ömer Bayram Galatasaray 2.SEVİYE
    21C Ömer Bayram Galatasaray 3.SEVİYE
    21D Ömer Bayram Galatasaray 4.SEVİYE
    21E Ömer Bayram Galatasaray PLATİNUM
    22A Emre Akbaba Galatasaray 1.SEVİYE / LIMITED EDITION
    22B Emre Akbaba Galatasaray 2.SEVİYE / LIMITED EDITION
    22C Emre Akbaba Galatasaray 3.SEVİYE / LIMITED EDITION
    22D Emre Akbaba Galatasaray 4.SEVİYE / LIMITED EDITION
    22E Emre Akbaba Galatasaray PLATİNUM / LIMITED EDITION
    23A Henry Onyekuru Galatasaray 1.SEVİYE / LIMITED EDITION
    23B Henry Onyekuru Galatasaray 2.SEVİYE / LIMITED EDITION
    23C Henry Onyekuru Galatasaray 3.SEVİYE / LIMITED EDITION
    23D Henry Onyekuru Galatasaray 4.SEVİYE / LIMITED EDITION
    23E Henry Onyekuru Galatasaray PLATİNUM / LIMITED EDITION
    24A Mariano Galatasaray 1.SEVİYE / LIMITED EDITION
    24B Mariano Galatasaray 2.SEVİYE / LIMITED EDITION
    24C Mariano Galatasaray 3.SEVİYE / LIMITED EDITION
    24D Mariano Galatasaray 4.SEVİYE / LIMITED EDITION
    24E Mariano Galatasaray PLATİNUM / LIMITED EDITION
    P1 Kulüp Arması Galatasaray POWER CARD
    P2 İç Saha Forması Galatasaray POWER CARD
    P3 Deplasman Forması Galatasaray POWER CARD
    P4 3.Forma Galatasaray POWER CARD
    P5 Gol Makinesi Galatasaray POWER CARD
    P6 Geçilmez İkili Galatasaray POWER CARD
    P7 Dinamo Galatasaray POWER CARD
    P8 Genç Yetenek Galatasaray POWER CARD
    P9 Maestro Galatasaray POWER CARD
    P10 Taraftar Gözdesi Galatasaray POWER CARD
    P11 Turbo! Galatasaray POWER CARD
    P12 Asist Kralı Galatasaray POWER CARD
    P13 Duran Top Ustası Galatasaray POWER CARD
    P14 Taraftar Galatasaray POWER CARD
    P15 Kaptan Galatasaray POWER CARD
    P16 Sihirbaz Galatasaray POWER CARD
    XXL1 Fernando Muslera Galatasaray XXL CARD
    XXL2 Maicon Galatasaray XXL CARD
    XXL3 Serdar Aziz Galatasaray XXL CARD
    XXL4 Mariano Galatasaray XXL CARD
    XXL5 Yuto Nagatomo Galatasaray XXL CARD
    XXL6 Fernando Galatasaray XXL CARD
    XXL7 Badou Ndiaye Galatasaray XXL CARD
    XXL8 Younes Belhanda Galatasaray XXL CARD
    XXL9 Emre Akbaba Galatasaray XXL CARD
    XXL10 Garry Rodrigues Galatasaray XXL CARD
    XXL11 Henry Onyekuru Galatasaray XXL CARD

  3. 147 different cards included!

  4. Hi Muzzy,

    Wow!!! Thank you very much for the list. I'll add a new post in the next day or two listing the full checklist you've provided.

    Thanks again for your help,



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