Thursday, 28 February 2019

Panini Cheapskates - Manchester United

Manchester United
Panini Cheapskates
24 stickers

Panini Cheapskates have been in the news again this week. It seems one of the richest clubs in the world has sent in the heavy mob as they aren't making any money from one of Panini Cheapskates ventures. Alex and Sian Prachett first came to the notice of sticker collectors around the world when they created their own version of Panini's sticker album for the 2014 World Cup tournament by hand-drawing every sticker. You can see more information here - Panini Cheapskates - FIFA World Cup 2014 Brasil Sticker Collection. They followed this up with their own versions of the Euro 2016 and 2018 World Cup albums too. Over the years they have donated many thousands of pounds to charity and they've now expanded their portfolio with a range of club sets of greatest players, Manchester United amongst them, as shown above, selling them via the Etsy website. The Red Devils are living up to their nickname as they've objected to the couple infringing their image rights. The Times reported it as "United put the boot in over couple's Panini doodles." Manchester United's revenue for 2017-18 was £590m and projected figures for 2018-19 are somewhere between £635m and £650m!!!

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