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Film Stips - Cup-Tie Thrills (1948-49)

42 - Cup-Tie Thrills
Film Stips
24 film frames

Roger Pashby has provided all the scans and images shown here, having bought the three packets shown above. The overall size is very small, measuring just 35mm x 19mm. Roger has added the Huddersfield Town ones to his own collection and the rest, except Arsenal v Spurs from Packet B and Aston Villa v Cardiff (thank you, Roger), are available and he's willing to listen to offers. You can contact Roger by following this link - The Huddersfield Town Collection/Contact.
UPDATE (03-12-2018 15:05):  Scans pf three Huddersfield Town 'Stips' added at 42-10, 42-14 and 42-21. Thanks again to Roger Pashby.
UPDATE (25-06-2019 11:42):  Mark Hughesdon has provided details for Packet A.

42 - Cup-Tie Thrills - Packet A

42/1.  CHELSEA v EVERTON.  Bowie scores Chelsea's first goal.
42/2.  ARSENAL v SPURS.  Ditchburn jumps for the ball.
42/3.  BRENTFORD V BURNLEY.  Strong, hardpressed, clears
42/4.  LEICESTER v PRESTON.  A tumble in Leicester's goalmouth.
42/5.  ASTON VILLA v CARDIFF.  Dorestt, No. 4, heads towards goal.
42/6.  BRENTFORD v MIDDLESBORO.  Crozier just gets his fingers to the ball.

42 - Cup-Tie Thrills - Packet B

42/7.  BRENTFORD v BURNLEY.  Strong makes a flying clearance.
42/8.  LUTON v WEST HAM.  Stretten goes down to save.
42/9.  ARSENAL v SPURS.  Ditchburn dives to save.
42/10.  Q.P.R. v HUDDERSFIELD.  Play round the Huddersfield goalmouth.
42/11.  PORTSMOUTH v NEWPORT.  Butler swings on the crossbar after clearing.
42/12.  BRENTFORD v MIDDLESBORO. Crozier turns one from Fenton round the post.

42 - Cup-Tie Thrills - Packet C

42/13.  BRISTOL C. v CHELSEA.  Bowie beats Roberts and shoots.
42/14.  Q.P.R. v HUDDERSFIELD.  Wheeler clears a corner taken by Hartburn.
42/15.  LUTON v LEICESTER.  Luton score their second goal.
42/16.  YEOVIL v SUNDERLAND.  Dyke punches clear.
42/17.  PORTSMOUTH v NEWPORT.  Grant jumps to save from Phillips.
42/18.  BRENTFORD v BURNLEY.  McKennan scores from a long way out.

42 - Cup-Tie Thrills - Packet D

42/19.  YEOVIL v SUNDERLAND.  Dyke makes a brilliant save.
42/20.  NEWPORT v HUDDERSFIELD.  Wheeler punches the ball off Carr's head.
42/21.  LUTON v LEICESTER.  Stretten dives to stop a hot one.
42/22.  ARSENAL v SPURS.  McPherson scores Arsenal's first goal.
42/23.  ASTON VILLA v CARDIFF.  Ken Hellyman (sic - Ken Hollyman) scores with a header.
42/24.  BRENTFORD v BURNLEY.  Attwell beats Crozier to score.

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