Saturday, 25 August 2018

A&BC - (AAB-520/ZJ12-4-3) Mickey Takers

(AAB-520/ZJ12-4-3) Mickey Takers
52 cards

Each card has 12 small stickers attached and I know of one with a vague football reference, list as card no. 9 in the London Cigarette Card Co. Ltd. Guide Book No. 3 (American & British Chewing Gum Ltd. Cards) compiled by Ian A. Laker.

(AAB-520/ZJ12-4-3) Mickey Takers - Thick card
(AAB-520/ZJ12-4-3) Mickey Takers - Thin card

9.  Cheap; For the Cup; Scrooge; Switch on; DIANA; I'm without it; Turn on; Sch... you know who; Do it yourself; ANDREW; Bargain; JOHN

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