Saturday, 7 July 2018

Panini - FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 Sticker Collection (56) - Updates - UK (03) - Illustrated Checklist

FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 Sticker Collection 
682 stickers

Here is an illustated checklist of the 24 4-sticker sheets, in the order in which thay came in my pack.
On a personal note, I am looking for another sheet featuring Marko Grujić (Serbia) and don't fancy forking out another £10 for it. If anyone is breaking up the set to remove one or more sheets for their own collection please let me know if you have a Marko Grujić sheet left over.


  1. Hi Alan, thanks for the list. What is the idea with the update sticker sheets, do you know? Presumably there's nowhere for them to go in the album, do collectors just generally keep them on the sheets, I wonder?

    1. Hi Sean,

      There are a few options, though none are ideal.
      1. Sticker the new sticker over the original one.
      2. Some people just cut about 1/4" off of the backing paper from the top and then just stick that part just above the original sticker.
      3. Collect a whole new album with the new stickers replacing the old ones, so you end up with two complete albums.
      4. Keep the sheets in pockets with the album.



  2. Cheers Alan. I picked up a set at a reduced price for my boys recently. They'll be itching to peel and stick them somewhere, I'll have to try and manage the situation as best I can! :-)
    The album they have is only half full, so filling in random gaps in the correct teams might be an option for us!


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