Sunday, 24 June 2018

Unknown artist - Hand-Drawn Playing Cards (1930's)

Hand-Drawn Playing Cards
Unknown artist
41+ cards

These started appearing on eBay recently, there seems to be at least 9 groups of 4 cards, one group each of 3 cards and 2 cards. They are unsigned but if you recognise the artist by these drawings please let me know.

John Jackson
Jimmie McMullan
Tommy Magee
Peter O'Dowd

James Brain
Geo. Green
Tom Lucas
Reg Weaver

Ernie Beecham
Sammy Crooks
Stan Earle
Vic Watson

Jack Bruton
Ernie Hine
Tommy Johnson
Mike Keeping

Ernie Blenkinsopp (sic)
Tom Griffiths
Harry Hibbs
Billy Walker

Fred Cook
Jack Curtiss
Joe Hulme
Fred Keenor

Geo. Camsell
Jim McClelland
Dick Rowley
Ted Sagar

Hughie Gallagher
Jimmy Gibson
Alec James
Alan Morton

Dixie Dean
Ted Hufton
Geo. Shaw
Jack Smith

Sammy Black
Ted Harper
Jimmie McGrory

George Hunt
Billy McGonagle

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