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Daily Mirror - Stick with Soccer 1986-87

Stick with Soccer 1986-87
Daily Mirror
286 stickers

The stickers are unnumbered and are numbered here for reference purposes only.

Soccer 1986-87 - backs without biography
Soccer 1986-87 - backs with biography
  1. Tony Adams (Arsenal)
  2. Viv Anderson (Arsenal)
  3. Paul Davis (Arsenal)
  4. Perry Groves (Arsenal)
  5. Martin Hayes (Arsenal)
  6. John Lukic (Arsenal)
  7. Charlie Nicholas (Arsenal)
  8. David O'Leary (Arsenal)
  9. Niall Quinn (Arsenal)
  10. Graham Rix (Arsenal)
  11. David Rocastle (Arsenal)
  12. Kenny Sansom (Arsenal)
  13. Steve Williams (Arsenal)
  14. Paul Birch (Aston Villa)
  15. Tony Daley (Aston Villa)
  16. Tony Dorigo (Aston Villa)
  17. Paul Elliott (Aston Villa)
  18. Allan Evans (Aston Villa)
  19. Andy Gray (Aston Villa)
  20. Steve Hunt (Aston Villa)
  21. Martin Keown (Aston Villa)
  22. David Norton (Aston Villa)
  23. Nigel Spink (Aston Villa)
  24. Simon Stainrod (Aston Villa)
  25. Garry Thompson (Aston Villa)
  26. Mark Walters (Aston Villa)
  27. Mark Aizlewood (Charlton Athletic)
  28. Alan Curbishley (Charlton Athletic)
  29. John Humphrey (Charlton Athletic)
  30. Nicky Johns (Charlton Athletic)
  31. Robert Lee (Charlton Athletic)
  32. Jim Melrose (Charlton Athletic)
  33. Andy Peake (Charlton Athletic)
  34. John Pearson (Charlton Athletic)
  35. Mark Reid (Charlton Athletic)
  36. George Shipley (Charlton Athletic)
  37. Peter Shirtliff (Charlton Athletic)
  38. Mark Stuart (Charlton Athletic)
  39. Steve Thompson (Charlton Athletic)
  40. John Bumstead (Chelsea)
  41. Kerry Dixon (Chelsea)
  42. Micky Hazard (Chelsea)
  43. Colin Lee (Chelsea)
  44. Kevin McAllister (Chelsea)
  45. Jim McLaughlin (Chelsea)
  46. Jerry Murphy (Chelsea)
  47. Pat Nevin (Chelsea)
  48. Eddie Niedzwiecki (Chelsea)
  49. Colin Pates (Chelsea)
  50. Doug Rougvie (Chelsea)
  51. Nigel Spackman (Chelsea)
  52. David Speedie (Chelsea)
  53. Mickey Adams (Coventry City)
  54. Dave Bennett (Coventry City)
  55. Brian Borrows (Coventry City)
  56. Greg Downs (Coventry City)
  57. Dean Emerson (Coventry City)
  58. Kevin Kilcline (Coventry City)
  59. Lloyd McGrath (Coventry City)
  60. Steve Ogrizovic (Coventry City)
  61. Andy Peake (Coventry City)
  62. David Phillips (Coventry City)
  63. Nick Pickering (Coventry City)
  64. Cyrille Regis (Coventry City)
  65. Steve Sedgley (Coventry City)
  66. Paul Bracewell (Everton)
  67. Adrian Heath (Everton)
  68. Derek Mountfield (Everton)
  69. Kevin Ratcliffe (Everton)
  70. Peter Reid (Everton)
  71. Graeme Sharp (Everton)
  72. Kevin Sheedy (Everton)
  73. Neville Southall (Everton)
  74. Trevor Steven (Everton)
  75. Gary Stevens (Everton)
  76. Pat van den Hauwe (Everton)
  77. Dave Watson (Everton)
  78. Paul Wilkinson (Everton)
  79. Ian Andrews (Leicester City)
  80. Robert Kelly (Leicester City)
  81. Aly Mauchlen (Leicester City)
  82. Gary McAllister (Leicester City)
  83. Steve Moran (Leicester City)
  84. Simon Morgan (Leicester City)
  85. Martin O'Neill (Leicester City)
  86. Russell Osman (Leicester City)
  87. Tony Sealy (Leicester City)
  88. Alan Smith (Leicester City)
  89. Mark Venus (Leicester City)
  90. Steve Walsh (Leicester City)
  91. Ian Wilson (Leicester City)
  92. Jim Beglin (Liverpool)
  93. Kenny Dalglish (Liverpool)
  94. Gary Gillespie (Liverpool)
  95. Bruce Grobbelaar (Liverpool)
  96. Alan Hansen (Liverpool)
  97. Craig Johnston (Liverpool)
  98. Mark Lawrenson (Liverpool)
  99. Steve McMahon (Liverpool)
  100. Jan Molby (Liverpool)
  101. Steve Nicol (Liverpool)
  102. Ian Rush (Liverpool)
  103. Paul Walsh (Liverpool)
  104. Ronnie Whelan (Liverpool)
  105. Tim Breacker (Luton Town)
  106. Mal Donaghy (Luton Town)
  107. Steve Foster (Luton Town)
  108. Ashley Grimes (Luton Town)
  109. Mick Hartford (Luton Town)
  110. Ricky Hill (Luton Town)
  111. Rob Johnson (Luton Town)
  112. Mike Newell (Luton Town)
  113. Peter Nicholas (Luton Town)
  114. David Preece (Luton Town)
  115. Les Sealey (Luton Town)
  116. Brian Stein (Luton Town)
  117. Mark Stein (Luton Town)
  118. Graham Baker (Manchester City)
  119. Kenny Clements (Manchester City)
  120. John Gidman (Manchester City)
  121. Tony Grealish (Manchester City)
  122. Mick McCarthy (Manchester City)
  123. Neil McNab (Manchester City)
  124. Paul Moulden (Manchester City)
  125. Steve Redmond (Manchester City)
  126. Paul Simpson (Manchester City)
  127. Perry Suckling (Manchester City)
  128. Imre Varadi (Manchester City)
  129. David White (Manchester City)
  130. Clive Wilson (Manchester City)
  131. Arthur Albiston (Manchester United)
  132. Peter Davenport (Manchester United)
  133. Mike Duxbury (Manchester United)
  134. Paul McGrath (Manchester United)
  135. Kevin Moran (Manchester United)
  136. Remi Moses (Manchester United)
  137. Jesper Olsen (Manchester United)
  138. Bryan Robson (Manchester United)
  139. John Sivebeck (Manchester United)
  140. Frank Stapleton (Manchester United)
  141. Gordon Strachan (Manchester United)
  142. Chris Turner (Manchester United)
  143. Norman Whiteside (Manchester United)
  144. John Anderson (Newcastle United)
  145. Peter Beardsley (Newcastle United)
  146. Paul Gascoigne (Newcastle United)
  147. Paul Goddard (Newcastle United)
  148. Peter Jackson (Newcastle United)
  149. David McCreery (Newcastle United)
  150. Neil McDonald (Newcastle United)
  151. Glenn Roeder (Newcastle United)
  152. Paul Stephenson (Newcastle United)
  153. Ian Stewart (Newcastle United)
  154. Martin Thomas (Newcastle United)
  155. Andy Thomas (Newcastle United)
  156. Kenny Wharton (Newcastle United)
  157. Mark Barham (Norwich City)
  158. Wayne Biggins (Norwich City)
  159. Steve Bruce (Norwich City)
  160. Ian Crook (Norwich City)
  161. Ian Culverhouse (Norwich City)
  162. Kevin Drinkell (Norwich City)
  163. Shaun Elliott (Norwich City)
  164. Dale Gordon (Norwich City)
  165. Bryan Gunn (Norwich City)
  166. Peter Mendham (Norwich City)
  167. Mick Phelan (Norwich City)
  168. Anthony Spearing (Norwich City)
  169. Dave Williams (Norwich City)
  170. Gary Birtles (Nottingham Forest)
  171. Ian Bowyer (Nottingham Forest)
  172. Paul Butterworth (Nottingham Forest)
  173. David Campbell (Nottingham Forest)
  174. Franz Carr (Nottingham Forest)
  175. Nigel Clough (Nottingham Forest)
  176. Chris Fairclough (Nottingham Forest)
  177. Johnny Metgod (Nottingham Forest)
  178. Gary Mills (Nottingham Forest)
  179. Stuart Pearce (Nottingham Forest)
  180. Steve Sutton (Nottingham Forest)
  181. Des Walker (Nottingham Forest)
  182. Neil Webb (Nottingham Forest)
  183. John Aldridge (Oxford United)
  184. Gary Briggs (Oxford United)
  185. Kevin Brock (Oxford United)
  186. Jeremy Charles (Oxford United)
  187. Steve Hardwick (Oxford United)
  188. Trevor Hebbard (Oxford United)
  189. Ray Houghton (Oxford United)
  190. David Langan (Oxford United)
  191. Les Phillips (Oxford United)
  192. Malcolm Shotton (Oxford United)
  193. Neil Slatter (Oxford United)
  194. John Trewick (Oxford United)
  195. Billy Whitehurst (Oxford United)
  196. Malcolm Allen (Queens Park Rangers)
  197. Gary Bannister (Queens Park Rangers)
  198. John Byrne (Queens Park Rangers)
  199. Gary Chivers (Queens Park Rangers)
  200. Ian Dawes (Queens Park Rangers)
  201. Trevor Fenwick (Queens Park Rangers)
  202. Wayne Fereday (Queens Park Rangers)
  203. Robbie James (Queens Park Rangers)
  204. Sammy Lee (Queens Park Rangers)
  205. Alan McDonald (Queens Park Rangers)
  206. David Seaman (Queens Park Rangers)
  207. Gary Waddock (Queens Park Rangers)
  208. Clive Walker (Queens Park Rangers)
  209. Mark Chamberlain (Sheffield Wednesday)
  210. Lee Chapman (Sheffield Wednesday)
  211. Paul Hart (Sheffield Wednesday)
  212. Martin Hodge (Sheffield Wednesday)
  213. Siggi Jonsson (Sheffield Wednesday)
  214. Ian Knight (Sheffield Wednesday)
  215. Lawrie Madden (Sheffield Wednesday)
  216. Brian Marwood (Sheffield Wednesday)
  217. Gary Megson (Sheffield Wednesday)
  218. Gary Shelton (Sheffield Wednesday)
  219. Glynn Snodin (Sheffield Wednesday)
  220. Mel Sterland (Sheffield Wednesday)
  221. Nigel Worthington (Sheffield Wednesday)
  222. David Armstrong (Southampton)
  223. Steve Baker (Southampton)
  224. Kevin Bond (Southampton)
  225. Jimmy Case (Southampton)
  226. Colin Clarke (Southampton)
  227. Glenn Cockerill (Southampton)
  228. Mark Dennis (Southampton)
  229. Gerry Forrest (Southampton)
  230. George Lawrence (Southampton)
  231. Matthew Le Tissier (Southampton)
  232. Peter Shilton (Southampton)
  233. Danny Wallace (Southampton)
  234. Mark Wright (Southampton)
  235. Clive Allen (Tottenham Hotspur)
  236. Paul Allen (Tottenham Hotspur)
  237. Ossie Ardiles (Tottenham Hotspur)
  238. Nico Claesen (Tottenham Hotspur)
  239. Ray Clemence (Tottenham Hotspur)
  240. Tony Galvin (Tottenham Hotspur)
  241. Richard Gough (Tottenham Hotspur)
  242. Glenn Hoddle (Tottenham Hotspur)
  243. Steve Hodge (Tottenham Hotspur)
  244. Gary Mabbutt (Tottenham Hotspur)
  245. Gary Stevens (Tottenham Hotspur)
  246. Mitchell Thomas (Tottenham Hotspur)
  247. Chris Waddle (Tottenham Hotspur)
  248. David Bardsley (Watford)
  249. John Barnes (Watford)
  250. Luther Blissett (Watford)
  251. Nigel Callaghan (Watford)
  252. Tony Coton (Watford)
  253. Mark Falco (Watford)
  254. Kenny Jackett (Watford)
  255. John McClelland (Watford)
  256. Kevin Richardson (Watford)
  257. Wilf Rostron (Watford)
  258. Lee Sinnott (Watford)
  259. Worrell Sterling (Watford)
  260. Steve Terry (Watford)
  261. Tony Cottee (West Ham United)
  262. Alan Devonshire (West Ham United)
  263. Alan Dickens (West Ham United)
  264. Tony Gale (West Ham United)
  265. Kevin Keen (West Ham United)
  266. Alvin Martin (West Ham United)
  267. Frank McAvennie (West Ham United)
  268. Neil Orr (West Ham United)
  269. Phil Parkes (West Ham United)
  270. George Parris (West Ham United)
  271. Ray Stewart (West Ham United)
  272. Steve Walford (West Ham United)
  273. Mark Ward (West Ham United)
  274. Dave Beasant (Wimbledon)
  275. Andy Clement (Wimbledon)
  276. Alan Cork (Wimbledon)
  277. Wally Downes (Wimbledon)
  278. John Fashanu (Wimbledon)
  279. Steve Galliers (Wimbledon)
  280. Brain Gayle (Wimbledon)
  281. Glyn Hodges (Wimbledon)
  282. John Kay (Wimbledon)
  283. Lawrie Sanchez (Wimbledon)
  284. Andy Thorn (Wimbledon)
  285. Nigel Winterburn (Wimbledon)
  286. Dennis Wise (Wimbledon)

Tony Adams (Arsenal)  -  photo of Stewart Robson
Steve Gritt (Charlton Athletic)  -  no space in the album


  1. Just curious, were these different backs pretty evenly distributed? Or is one more common than the other? That's really strange that they'd release two versions. Did one precede the other? Thanks! Great site!

    1. To be honest I've no idea, I only found out about the two different versions long after the collection was released.
      I'm glad you like my blog.


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