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Godfrey Phillips Ltd. - Sports Cigarettes - (P50-152-2-11) Sportsmen (1953)

P50-152-2-11 Sportsmen
Godfrey Phillips Ltd. ~ Sports Cigarettes
25 cards

There are no footballers in this set but I thought I would still include the checklist. The cards can also be found as uncut slides, single cards and pairs as shown here. The checklist shows all the different pairs that can be found and each sportsman can be found on two different slides. Each pairing is listed twice to make is easier to find each of the different pairs.

(P50-152-2-11) Sportsmen - on card - with "Sports" top "Godfrey Phillips Ltd" base
(P50-152-2-11) Sportsmen - pairs - on card - with "Sports" top "Godfrey Phillips Ltd" base
(P50-152-2-11) Sportsmen - paper 5s - with blue frameline

Terry Allen
Laurie Ayton
Alan Bannister
F. Bullock
Cyril Cartwright
Joe Davis
J. Morton Dykes
Peter Heatley
Jack Holden
Len Hutton
Arthur Lees
Stirling Moss
Tony Mottram
Alan Newton
Geoff Paish
John Panton
Reg Parnell
Alan Paterson
Gordon Pirie
John Savidge
R.D. Shaw
Randolph Turpin
Johnny Williams
Les Wilson
Jack Young

(P50-152-2-11) Sportsmen - Pairs

Terry Allen  &  Cyril Cartwright
Terry Allen  &  R.D. Shaw
Laurie Ayton  &  J. Morton Dykes
Laurie Ayton  &  Len Hutton
Alan Bannister  &  Johnny Williams
Alan Bannister  &  Les Wilson
F. Bullock  &  Peter Heatley
F. Bullock  &  John Savidge
Cyril Cartwright  &  Terry Allen
Cyril Cartwright  &  Alan Newton
Joe Davis  &  Len Hutton
Joe Davis  &  Jack Young
J. Morton Dykes  &  Laurie Ayton
J. Morton Dykes  &  R.D. Shaw
Peter Heatley  &  F. Bullock
Peter Heatley  &  Alan Newton
Jack Holden  &  Stirling Moss
Jack Holden  &  Gordon Pirie
Len Hutton  &  Laurie Ayton
Len Hutton  &  Joe Davis
Arthur Lees  &  John Panton
Arthur Lees  &  Reg Parnell
Stirling Moss  &  Reg Parnell
Stirling Moss  &  Jack Holden
Tony Mottram  &  Geoff Paish
Tony Mottram  &  Les Wilson
Alan Newton  &  Peter Heatley
Alan Newton  &  Cyril Cartwright
Geoff Paish  &  Tony Mottram
Geoff Paish  &  Jack Young
John Panton  &  Arthur Lees
John Panton  &  Alan Paterson
Reg Parnell  &  Arthur Lees
Reg Parnell  &  Stirling Moss
Alan Paterson  &  John Panton
Alan Paterson  &  John Savidge
Gordon Pirie  &  Randolph Turpin
Gordon Pirie  &  Jack Holden
John Savidge  &  F. Bullock
John Savidge  &  Alan Paterson
R.D. Shaw  &  Terry Allen
R.D. Shaw  &  J. Morton Dykes
Randolph Turpin  &  Gordon Pirie
Randolph Turpin  &  Johnny Williams
Johnny Williams  &  Randolph Turpin
Johnny Williams  &  Alan Bannister
Les Wilson  &  Alan Bannister
Les Wilson  &  Tony Mottram
Jack Young  &  Geoff Paish
Jack Young  &  Joe Davis

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