Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Schütt (West Germany) - (31930-02) Beliebte Sportler

(31930-02) Beliebte Sportler
Schütt, Hamburg
West Germany
72 cards

A multi-sport album, I don't have a complete checklist for this album and I don't even know how many football cards there are in the set.
UPDATE (26-07-2020 06:24):  Carl Wilkes has provided another 12 names for this checklist and has also confirmed the total number of cards at 72).

Frankreich - Deutschland am 26.10.58 in Paris 2:2
Manchester United (Team Photo)
Hamburger SV - Westfalia Herne
Die Weltmeisterelf Braziliens 1958
Alfredo di Stefano (Real Madrid)
Vava (Real Madrid)
Didi - mistaken for  Pele (different to the Heinerle card from 1961)
Team Photo (Brazil)
Team Photo (England)
Team Photo (Italy)
Team Photo (Manchester United)
Team Photo (Real Madrid)
Wolves v ASK Vorwatrs Berlin
Ira Murchison (Athletics)

Donald McBailey (Athletics)

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