Friday 22 September 2017

Panini - FIFA 365 2018 - The Golden World of Football (05) - Packets

FIFA 365 2018 - The Golden World of Football
602 stickers

The packets...
UPDATE (25-09-2017 13:31):  Wila75 has provided scans of a regular packet.
UPDATE (30-09-2017 08:42):  collectosk has provided scans of the packet available in Germany, with two barcodes.
UPDATE (27-11-2017 13:27):  Wila75 has provided scans of the Dutch packet from the Starter Pack - green and no barcode.
UPDATE (29-11-2017 18:18):  Three different South American packets with pale blue backs.
UPDATE (16-12-2017 22:06):  Wila75 has provided a scan of the regular Dutch packet - green with barcode.
UPDATE (15-01-2018 11:42):  Marcelo Luis De Souza has provided scans of six packets - Australia/China, Czech Republic, France, Serbia and two from Greece.

International (No barcode)
International (Barcode)
Germany (Two Barcodes)
Netherlands (Green - No Barcode)
Netherlands (Green - Barcode)
South America (Blue) - Contém 5 Cromos
South America (Blue) - Contiene 5 Figuritas
South America (Blue) - Contiene 5 Stickers
Australia, China, Croatia (Purple)   -   updated 13-11-2018  -  thanks to Kolekcionar
Czech Republic (Purple With Corfix Label)
France (Orange with 0,70 EUR)
Greece (Yellow)
Greece No Barcode (Yellow)
Serbia (Red)


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