Saturday 2 September 2017

H.C. Lloyd & Sons - Devon Footballers & Boer War Celebrities (1902)

Devon Footballers & Boer War Celebrities
H.C. Lloyd & Sons
44 cards (18 footballers)

18 footballers with a number of known variations. These are all rugby players, but when I started compiling the list I didn't realize that. I thought it might help some collectors if I made this information available here.

P.H. Baron
Cliff Bowen
Williams S. Boyle
Williams S. Boyle (Different pose)
Arthur Brock (Facing left)
Arthur Brock (Facing front)
S.F. Cooper
D.D. Dobson
T. Dunn
T. Dunn (Different pose)
H.V. Gordon
H.V. Gordon (Different pose)
D. Hellings
F.L. Hitt
F.L. Hitt (Different pose)
J. Jones
J.C. Matters (Badge visible)
J.C. Matters (Badge partially visible)
J. Powell
J. Powell (Different pose)
E.W. Roberts
W. Sims
G. Sowden
W. Spiers
C. Thomas

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