Thursday 31 August 2017

Upper Deck - World Cup 94 Preview - English/Spanish (04) - Fuji Film

World Cup 94 Preview - English/Spanish - Fuji Film
Upper Deck
20 cards

The cards were issued in packs of three that were sent out with developed pictures when special envelopes were used to submit Fuji film for processing.

F1.  Tony Meola (USA)
F2.  Fernando Clavijo (USA)
F3.  John Doyle (USA)
F4.  Des Armstrong (USA)
F5.  Marcelo Balboa (USA)
F6.  John Harkes (USA)
F7.  Hugo Perez (USA)
F8.  Roy Wegerle (USA)
F9.  Thomas Dooley (USA)
F10.  Tab Ramos (USA)
F11.  Eric Wynalda (USA)
F12.  Chris Henderson (USA)
F13.  Cobi Jones (USA)
F14.  Alexi Lalas (USA)
F15.  Rai (Brazil)
F16.  Jorge Campos (Mexico)
F17.  Tomas Brolin (Sweden)
F18.  Roberto Mancini (Italy)
F19.  Carlos Valderrama (Colombia)
F20.  Luis Garcia (Mexico)

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