Friday, 25 August 2017

A. Americana (Brazil) - (1950) Balas Futebol! ~ Copa do Mundo (02) - Alf Ramsey

Balas Futebol! ~ Copa do Mundo ~  Craques do Campeonato Mundial de Futebol
A. Americana
150 cards

It was only after I added the checklist that I noticed an glaring error with two of the England cards. I typed the name Erikson even though the name was unfamiliar to me but didn't think any more of it. I've had another look at the album and noticed the player named Erikson is actually Alf Ramsey. I don't know the footballer listed as Ramsey. I've looked at the defenders in the 1950 World Cup squad and can't seem to find him.
UPDATE (25-08-2017 18:37):  Nik Yeomans and Graham Bruton have been in touch to say that the unidentified player is Hnery Cockburn, Nik also included a photo just to confirm it.

57.  Ramsey (Inglaterra)  - actually Cockburn
58.  Erikson (Inglaterra)  - actually Ramsey

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