Thursday, 8 June 2017

Union Cigarettenfabrik - König Fussball (07)

König Fussball
Union Cigarettenfabrik, Dresden
340 cards

IanSammel has sent in some more information on this collection. He actually provided this information a couple of years ago and I misplaced it.
As can be see most clearly from the Zepter back, there are 340 cards in total, but the album - Fussball Lexicon, only has space for 188 of them. To have something to collect all 340 cards in you need the additional 'Sammelkarten'. As far as I know, all three companies issued all 340 cards.
I don't think Miller is in your list.  I added Hengsteler to give you a better copy of the back.
There are two different Union backs, one of which is not in the list. 
Graf Schwerin is also not there, though Schwerin is. Please note, it's not a players surname, but the name of a team.
An issue was planned with 16 Gaue, 10 clubs from each, 11 players from each club, plus 25 foreigners. That would have been quite some set if it had ever been issued. 16 x 10 x 11 + 25 = 1785 cards.
These four cards have been added to the main list that can be found here - Union Cigarettenfabrik - König Fussball (05).

Gellesch, Rudolf (FC Schalke 04)
Havlicek, Eduard (Polizei-Sport-Verein Chemnitz)
Miller, Karl (FC St. Pauli Hamburg)
Graf Schwerin (Heeres)   -   amended (shown above) 

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