Friday 10 March 2017

CCI Editions - Fergie's Fledglings - XL Centrepiece card

Fergie's Fledglings - XL Centrepiece card
CCI Editions
1 card

An XL card created for CCI Editions. I've never seen a framed set that includes this card and I've only got this poor scan, so I can't add any further information. I've left one of the apostrophes out of the title as I hate to see them used incorrectly.
UPDATE (11-03-2017 20:25):  I originally had this card in my database as having being made by Futera but this is not the case. CCI Editions produced a number of framed collections utilizing Manchester United cards that were issued by Futera in the late 1990's and early 2000's and featuring special XL Centrepiece cards that were also made by Futera. Because of this link I assumed this card was also made by Futera, but I was wrong. I am now changing the name of the issuer to CCI Editions.

Alex Ferguson
Ryan Giggs

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