Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Chix Confectionery - (CHI-340-3) Famous Footballers - No. 3 Series (04) - 01 - Tommy Harmer

(CHI-340-3/CGO-2-3) Famous Footballers - No. 3 Series
Chix Confectionery Co. Ltd.
48 cards

More scans supplied by Roger Long of pairs of cards showing the differences, this time it's Spurs' Tommy Harmer. Some of the major differences have been noted.
Roger is still looking for 6 of the difference cards to complete his collection and the card missing here is one of them. He would be interested in hearing from anyone who has the following cards available - nos. 1, 21, 33, 35, 36 and 48. Once an image of the other card is available it will be added here.
UPDATE (26-03-2017 15:57):  A photo of the other Tommy Harmer card has been provided by John Briggs.
UPDATE (19-09-2018 13:07):  Roger Long has purchased this card from John Briggs, who provided the original photograph of this card and he has provided a scan of this card to replace the photograph. Roger has added this card to his set and now has a complete set of 48 alternative cards.
UPDATE (21-11-2020 12:07):  Roger Long has provided a scan of a better quality card which he has just added to his collection and it can be seen on the right above.

1.  Tommy Harmer (Tottenham Hotspur)  -  Stand roof in top left hand corner; Black and white badge on shirt; Black shorts; Black and white socks; White line pitch marking; Complete left boot within picture
1.  Tommy Harmer (Tottenham Hotspur)  -  No stand roof in top left hand corner; Blue and white badge on shirt; Blue shorts; Blue and white socks; Yellow line pitch marking; Partial left boot to edge of picture

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