Monday, 13 February 2017

Chix Confectionery - (CHI-340-3) Famous Footballers - No. 3 Series (04) - 02 - Brian Clough

(CHI-340-3/CGO-2-3) Famous Footballers - No. 3 Series
Chix Confectionery Co. Ltd.
48 cards

Over the past few days I've been showing the scans that Roger Long has provided of the variety cards in this collection - cards that have different pictures or the biography has been amended or, in some cases, changed completely. The variety cards are recorded as such by the Cartophilic Society of Great Britain. The CSGB also recognizes that there are two distinct sets, one where the backs are printed in grey-black and the other with the backs printed in black. It is sometimes difficult to tell the difference between the two. Roger has also supplied scans of two versions of most of the other cards and from today I will be adding these to the blog. Some of the major differences have been noted.

2.  Brian Clough (Middlesbrough)  -  Different stand shape, colour grey; Gap between top of stand and edge of picture; Terracing grey; Smaller portrait; All left boot in picture; All right boot in picture
2.  Brian Clough (Middlesbrough)  -  Different stand shape, colour pink; Stand roof to edge of picture; Terracing green; Larger portrait; Left boot to edge of picture; Most of right boot in picture

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