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Ediciones Amaika (Spain) - Caricatures of Sports Stars

Caricatures of Sports Stars
Ediciones Amaika
49 playing cards

Gregory Graetz has asked if I know anything about this collection of playing cards. I often see this set listed as being issued in 1975 but Rinus Michels didn't become Barcelona manager until 1976 and I doubt he would have been included in this set while with Ajax. Greg informs me that the cards come in two versions, with the design on the back printed in black or red.
UPDATE (03-03-2020 15:47):  Gregory Graetz has provided scans of the fronts and backs of the two versions of the Johan Cruyff card.

Caricatures of Sports Stars - Black back
Caricatures of Sports Stars - Red back

Caricatures of Sports Stars - Bastos

1.  Urtain (Boxing)
2.  Luick (Basketball)
3.  Guruceta (Referee)
4.  Miljanik (Manager - Real Madrid)
5.  Fernández (Boxing)
6.  Sol (Valencia C. F.)
7.  Breitner (Real Madrid)
8.  Neeskens (F.C. Barcelona)
9.  Carrasco (Boxing)
10.  De Felipe (R.C.D. Español)
11.  Legrá (Boxing)
12.  Santana (Tennis)

Caricatures of Sports Stars - Copas

1.  Bernabéu (President - Real Madrid)
2.  Tudela (Mountaineering)
3.  M. Domingo (Manager - C.D. Málaga)
4.  Netzer (Real Madrid)
5.  Kubala (Manager- Spain)
6.  Saporta (Vice President - Real Madrid)
7.  Haro (Athletics)
8.  Marcial (F.C. Barcelona)
9.  Pirri (Real Madrid)
10.  Fuente (Cycling)
11.  Ocaña (Cycling)
12.  Michels (Entrenador - F.C. Barcelona)

Caricatures of Sports Stars - Espadas

1.  Gich (President - Olympic Games)
2.  Roberto (Real Madrid)
3.  Keita (Valencia C.F.)
4.  Rojo (Athletic Club Bilbao)
5.  Asensi (F.C. Barcelona)
6.  José María (R.C.D. Español)
7.  Rexach (F.C. Barcelona)
8.  Amancio (Real Madrid)
9.  Reina (Atlético de Madrid)
10.  Meler (Presidente - R.C.D. Español)
11.  Calderón (Presidente - Atlético de Madrid)
12.  Pérez Payá (Presidente - Real Federación Española de Fútbol)

Caricatures of Sports Stars - Oros

1.  Cruyff (F.C. Barcelona)
2.  Buscató (Basketball)
3.  Quini (Sporting de Gijón)
4.  Esteva (Swimming)
5.  Ayala (Atlético de Madrid)
6.  Sotil (F.C. Barcelona)
7.  Emiliano (Basketball)
8.  Orantes (Tennis)
9.  Iríbar (Athletic Club Bilbao)
10.  Ochoa (Skiing)
11.  Nieto (Motor Cycling)
12.  Montal (Presidente - F.C. Barcelona)

Caricatures of Sports Stars - Comodín

Samaranch (President - Olympic Games)

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