Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Cartamundi - 2006 Football

2006 Football
France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Russia, United Kingdom
32 cards

This collection was issued in a large number of countries around Europe. Wila75 has scanned all the cards and the box the set came in.

Title card
A1.  Germany
A2.  Costa Rica
A3.  Poland
A4.  Ecuador
B1.  United Kingdom
B2.  Paraguay
B3.  Trinidad and Tobago
B4.  Sweden
C1.  Argentina
C2.  Ivory Coast
C3.  Serbia/Montenegro
C4.  Netherlands
D1.  Mexico
D2.  Iran
D3.  Angola
D4.  Portugal
E1.  Italy
E2.  Ghana
E3.  USA
E4.  Czech Republic
F1.  Brazil
F2.  Croatia
F3.  Australia
F4.  Japan
G1.  France
G2.  Switzerland
G3.  Republic Korea
G4.  Togo
H1.  Spain
H2.  Ukraine
H3.  Tunisia
H4.  Saudi Arabia
Rules of the Game - GB/D
Rules of the Game - ES/RU
Rules of the Game - I/PT
Rules of the Game - PL/S
Rules of the Game - NL/F

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