Monday, 19 December 2016

Panini (Italy) - Calciatori 1971-72 (03) - Fuori Raccolta - Autograph cards

Calciatori 1971-72
160+ cards

I don't know how many of these cards were issued, they're 'Fuori Raccolta' - outside the main collection and don't feature in the album. All the ones I have listed are similar to the ones shown above. The front and back of the Chinaglia and Rivera cards are shown. All the cards have similar backs but some cards don't have players and their autographs on the front and look more like two different backs stuck together. I've never possessed any of these non-player cards so I wouldn't know where to start listing them.
I know of 10 Bologna player cards and I presume however many Bologna cards there are, the same number were issued for each of the Serie A clubs, so that's at least 160 player cards.
They may have been issued in sheets of three or four and then cut down to individual cards.

Bulgarelli (Bologna)
Cera (Bologna)
Fedele (Bologna)
Greatti (Bologna)
Liguori (Bologna)
Nene' (Bologna)
Perani (Bologna)
Rizzo (Bologna)
Savoldi I (Bologna)
Vavassori (Bologna)
Albertosi (Cagliari)
Poletti (Cagliari)
Mammi' (Catanzaro)
Spelta (Catanzaro)
Chiarugi (Fiorentina)
Clerici (Fiorentina)
De Sisti (Fiorentina)
Ferrante (Fiorentina)
Longoni (Fiorentina)
Mazzola II (Fiorentina)
Merlo (Fiorentina)
Superchi (Fiorentina)
Boninsegna (Inter)
Burgnich (Inter)
Frustalpi (Inter)
Mazzola I (Inter)
Oriali (Inter)
Anastasi (Juventus)
Bettega (Juventus)
Capello (Juventus)
Causio (Juventus)
Haller (Juventus)
Salvadore (Juventus)
Savoldi (Juventus)
Spinosi (Juventus)
Chinaglia (Lazio)
Anzolin (L.R. Vicenza)
Maraschi (L.R. Vicenza)
Benetti (Milan)
Prati (Milan)
Rivera (Milan)
Juliano (Napoli)
Massa (Napoli)
Panzanato (Napoli)
Sormani (Napoli)
Zoff (Napoli)
Amarildo (Roma)
Lodetti (Sampdoria)
Santin (Sampdoria)
Fossati (Torino)
Sala (Torino)
Toschi (Torino)
Colombo (Verona)
Reif (Verona)
Anzolin (Vicenza)

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