Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Partizan newspaper (Yugoslavia) - Bobby Moore

Bobby Moore
Partizan newspaper

Mark Avenell has sent in scans of two stickers he picked up recently. I know nothing about them at all and was wondering if anyone might be able to provide information about whatever collection they come from. I've added teams going by the jerseys they are wearing. Lucesku is the current manager of Zenit St. Petersburg.
UPDATE (11-10-2016 16:48):  the time period for the release of this collection has been moved from the 1960's to the 1970's, thanks to Nik Yeoman's comment below.

26A.  B. Mur (England)  -  Bobby Moore
26B.  M. Lucesku (Dinamo București)
115.  Bobi Mur (England)  -  Bobby Moore


  1. Has to be post June 1973 as England wore that odd yellow shirt v Poland in that year. Good old Bobi Chelsi Mur :o)

  2. Hi Alan. I've seen a couple more of these stickers for sale. No.55A -55B is Dalglish and another player, half and half sticker. There is a No.88 of the Liverpool team 83-84 season with the European Cup, although the print on the back is red, not blue, but looks like the same set.


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