Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Chix Confectionery Ltd. - (CHI-370/CGO-5) Famous Scottish Footballers

(CHI-370/CGO-5) Famous Scottish Footballers
Chix Confectionery Ltd.
24 cards

Thanks to Brian McEwan for help with the checklist and the illustrations. The set features black and white photos of contemporary Scottish footballers.

1.  James McGowan (Partick Thistle)
2.  George Johnstone (Raith Rovers)
3.  F. Martin (Aberdeen)
4.  Andy Leigh (Raith Rovers)
5.  Harry Yorston (Aberdeen)
6. Tommy Ledgerwood (Partick Thistle)
7.  Sammy Cox (Glasgow Rangers)
8.  Charlie Fleming (East Fife & Scotland)
9.  Sammy Seward (East Fife)
10.  John Hather (Aberdeen)
11.  Harry Colville (Raith Rovers)
12.  Jack Allister (Aberdeen)
13.  Alex Young (Aberdeen)
14.  Frank Christie (East Fife)
15.  Jackie Stewart (East Fife)
16.  J. Paterson (Hibernians)
17.  Bobby Evans (Glasgow Celtic)
18.  Paddy Buckley (Aberdeen & Scotland)
19.  Bobby Howitt (Partick Thistle)
20.  George Hamilton (Aberdeen)
21.  Bobby Collins (Glasgow Celtic)
22.  Alex Stott (Partick Thistle)
23.  Willie McNaught (Raith Rovers)
24.  George Young (Rangers & Scotland)

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