Thursday 9 June 2016

Good Times Creations / Nick Oldham - Blades Legends


Blades Legends
Good Times Creations / Nick Oldham
21 cards

Unfortunately, I only have a partial checklist for this collection. Any blades fans out there able to supply the rest of the information?

UPDATE (27-06-2016 17:05):  Paul Chauveau has kindly provided a list of the missing players for this collection.

1.  "Fatty" Foulkes

2.  Jimmy Hagan
3.  Alan Woodward
4.  Eddie Colquhoun
5.  Tony Currie
6.  Stuart McCall
7.  Keith Edwards
8.  Dane Whitehouse
9.  Brian Deane
10.  David Unsworth
11.  Chris Armstrong
12.  Alan Quinn
13.  Neil Shipperley
14.  Paul Ifill
15.  Steven Karba
16.  Chris Morgan
17.  Michael Tongue
18.  Paddy Kenny
19.  Phil Jagielka
20.  Nick Montgomery
21.  List of Cards

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