Sunday, 12 June 2016

Buscuits Rogeron - Football Mondial

Football Mondial
Buscuits Rogeron
49 cards

Whilst looking for something relating to Stanley Matthews I stumbled upon this album on the French auction site Delcampe. I also found three cards on the same site but that is all the information I can provide. Any help with completing the checklist would me much appreciated.

32.  Tom Finney (Angleterre)

33.  Stanley Matthews (Angleterre)
34.  Billy Wright (Angleterre)
35.  Erich Juskowiak (Allemagne)
36.  Halmut Rahn (Allemagne) (sic - Helmut Rahn)
37.  Horst Szymaniak (Allemagne)

??.  Lucien Muller

??.  Gilmar
??.  Marquitos

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