Friday 13 May 2016

Futera - Manchester United F.C. (1997) (05) - Redemption cards


Manchester United F.C.
2 cards

Here are both of the 3-card Redemption sets, although these are only the promotional issues. All the George Best cards were autographed, 250 Gold foil and 5 Silver foil cards. No David Beckham Silver foil cards were issued.
UPDATE (18-12-2020 16:29):  A comment was left today confirming that the David Beckham Silver Foil cards were issued.

Manchester United FC - Redemption Cards - Gold  #/250

Manchester United FC - Redemption Cards - Silver - not issued (except for 5 George Best cards)   -   amended 18-12-2020
Manchester United FC - Redemption Cards - Bronze - not issued
Manchester United FC - Redemption Cards - Gold  - Promotional - stamped 'For Promotion Only'
Manchester United FC - Redemption Cards - Gold  - Promotional - unnumbered and not stamped 'For Promotion Only'

DB1.  David Beckham Redemption card

DB2.  David Beckham card
DB3.  David Beckham Certificate card
GB1.  George Best Redemption card
GB2.  George Best Autographed card
GB3.  George Best Certificate card


  1. silver foil of david beckham redemption is out there, i got set nr 139 in silver , redeemed in 1997 at futera office

  2. I have seen George Best three cards set both signed and not signed. Any ideas how to ensure the signed ones are genuine

    1. Futera, like most card manufacturers, printed more than they needed. Some unnumbered cards were stamped 'For Promotion Only' but some unnumbered cards were also sold off to dealers. I would hope that if the card is signed and numbered on the back it would be genuine.

    2. great info. thanks Alan.


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