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M.M. Frame - (FRA-070-1/OZQ-1/ZB9-50) Sport Aces

(FRA-070-1/OZQ-1/ZB9-50) Sport Aces
M.M. Frame
48 cards

These are very rare cards and I am grateful to Harry Richards and Robert Muat for providing scans of some of the cards for me to use. I used to think that these cards might be multi-backed as some cards would have an address on the back (8 India St, Glasgow ^), others would mention the series title (Sport Aces +) or the name of the issuing company (M.M. Frame +) and others also include a phrase ("Save this Prize Card" ~). Although I don't have all this information for all the cards I think it's noticeable that the first card in each batch of five has the address on the back, the second card seems to have the series title and the other cards probably all have M.M. Frame printed on them while some have "Save this Prize Card" instead. So it seems the set is vari-backed with all cards having only one type of back.

I've compiled the checklist as I believe it should look. Card nos. 1, 7, 13, 19, 25, 31, 37 and 43 don't seem to exist and I presume that the covers take the place of these numbers, so I have actually slotted these in as indicated in the main checklist. 
The cards all have a range of information on the backs, from league tables to cup final and international results, though I've only got this information for a handful of cards.
I'm not an expert on this set and would be happy to hear from more knowledgeable collectors who can shed some light on these cards.

(FRA-070-1/OZQ-1/ZB9-50) Sport Aces - Covers

cover 1.  Heart of Midlothian FC / Football scene

cover 2.  Terry Allen v Honore Pratesi (Boxing) / Football scene
cover 3.  Raith Rovers FC / Football scene
cover 4.  Fulham FC / Football scene
cover 5.  Hibernian FC / Football scene
cover 6.  Arsenal FC / Football scene
cover 7.  Bruce Woodcock v Lee Savold (Boxing) / Football scene
cover 8.  Ken Adams & Ken le Breton (Speedway) / Football scene

(FRA-070-1/OZQ-1/ZB9-50) Sport Aces - Checklist

cover 1

2.  Leslie Compton (Arsenal) ^
3.  J. Urquhart (Hearts) +
4.  Stanley Willense (Chelsea)
5.  R. Peacock (Celtic)
6.  Henry Cotton (Golf)
cover 2
8.  Bobby Collins (Celtic) ^
9.  Stan Mortensen (Blackpool) - International Results: England v Scotland (1928-1937) +
10.  A. Kelly (Motherwell)
11.  Fred Cox (Arsenal) - International Results: England v Scotland (1938-1950 and summary) ~
12.  Eric Hollies (Cricket)
cover 3
14.  Billy Liddell (Liverpool)
15.  L. Reilly (Hibernian)
16.  J. Taylor (Wolverhampton Wanderers) *
17.  Sammy Cox & Alex. Bogan (Rangers v Celtic) *
18.  Donald Scott (Boxing)
cover 4
20.  Gordon Smith (Hibernian)  ^
21.  Frank Brennan (Newcastle United) +
22.  Alfie Conn (Heart of Midlothian)
23.  Bert Williams (Wolverhampton Wanderers) *
24.  Don Cockell (Boxing)
cover 5
26.  Billy Rees (Tottenham Hotspur) ^
27.  Billy Houliston (Queen of the South)
28.  Billy Wright (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
29.  A. Forsyth (Partick Thistle)
30.  Cathy Gibson (Swimming)
cover 6
32.  Ronnie Simpson (Third Lanark) ^
33.  Wilf Mannion (Middlesbrough)
34.  Willie Bauld (Heart of Midlothian) *
35.  Roy Bentley (Chelsea) - F.A. Cup Final Results (1921-1929) *
36.  E. MacD. Bailey (Athletics) - (Olympic Games, 1948. 100 Metres) *
cover 7
38.  E.A.E. Butler (Portsmouth) ^
39.  A. Aikman (Manchester City) - Scottish League, 1949-50 (Final Table) +
40.  G.H. Merrick (Birmigham City ) *
41.  W. Telfer (St. Mirren) *
42.  Reg Simpson (Cricket)
cover 8
44.  J. Patillo (Dundee) ^
45.  Jimmy Dickinson (Portsmouth)
46.  Ian McColl (Rangers)
47.  Stanley Matthews (Blackpool) *
48.  Terry Allen (Boxing - Ex World & European Flywight Champion)

(FRA-070-1/OZQ-1/ZB9-50) Sport Aces - Backs

^ 8 India St, Glasgow

*  Sports Aces
+  M.M. Frame
~ "Save this Prize Card"

(FRA-070-1/OZQ-1/ZB9-50) Sport Aces - errors/varieties

10.  A. Kelly (Arsenal)

10.  A. Kelly (Motherwell)

16.  J. Taylor (Fulham)

16.  J. Taylor (Fulham); back - D. Taylor (Wolverhampton Wanderers)

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