Friday, 11 December 2015

Northampton Town - 1938-39 Programme inserts (6)

Northampton Town F.C. 
B&W Full Length Portrait
Supplement to Club Programme 
(127mm x 192mm)
32 known

Peter Stevenson has contacted me again with additional information about the Northampton Town team in 1938-39, as well as sending a trimmed down photo of Jack Hewitt...
Since my last email, I realised that I hadn’t looked through another book in my collection - Frank Grande’s Who’s Who: The Cobblers. Although it doesn’t show any of the full programme inserts, it has many truncated half-images of the 1938-39 squad, all clearly posed in a similar manner and professionally shot in a studio. I'm assuming that they all made the programme insert series, while this number might also suggest that they were included with both 1st team and reserve programmes. This must now be close to a definitive list...

E. Blunt
P. Bosse
J. Clifford
J. Cuff
W.A. Dickinson
R. Ellwood  
A. Ford
W. Gormlie
K. Gunn
J. Haycox
J. Hewitt
E. Hurel
H. Jennings
J. Jones
R. King
J. Lauderdale 
J. McCartney
K. McCullough
J. McKinnell
J. Parris
R. Platt
T. Postlethwaite
J. O’Rourke
C. Rodger
S. Russell 
A. Smith
W. Thayne (v Cardiff City)
F. Tilson

Mr. W. Cresswell (Manager)
Mr. J. H. Marlow (Hon. Sec.)
W. Newman (Director)
J. McKinnell

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