Friday, 11 December 2015

Barratt & Co. - (BAR-295-1/2/3 / BAR-70-A/B/C) Famous Footballers (02) - Paper Proofs

(BAR-295-1/2/3 / BAR-70-A/B/C) Famous Footballers
Barratt & Co.
3 x 50 cards

Graham Bruton has sent in scans of four proof cards, printed on paper and irregularly cut.
The original checklist for these three sets can be found here - Barratt & Co. - (BAR-295-1/2/3 / BAR-70-A/B/C) Famous Footballers.

(BAR-295-1 / BAR-70-A) Famous Footballers (1947-48)
(BAR-295-2 / BAR-70-B) Famous Footballers (1948-49)
(BAR-295-3 / BAR-70-C) Famous Footballers (1949-50)

H. Cockburn (Manchester United)
J. Delaney (Manchester United)
S.C. Pearson (Manchester United)
J. Rowley (Manchester United)

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