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Crown Paints / Liverpool Fan Club - Liverpool Fan Club Player Photos

Liverpool Fan Club Player Photos
Crown Paints / Liverpool Fan Club

I don't know much about these, I'm not even sure which season they were issued and I have only seen two examples so far.
UPDATE (07-08-2016 00:16):  Some amendments to date and total number of cards as suggested by the comment below.
UPDATE (16-08-2018 12:59):  Three names added to the checklist, thanks to LFC Legends Collection.
UPDATE (03-07-2022 11:35):  More information added, courtesy of a new comment.

Peter Beardsley
Kenny Dalglish - no Crown Paints logo
   -   added 03-07-2022
Bruce Grobbelaar - version 1   -   added 03-07-2022
Bruce Grobbelaar - version 2   -   added 03-07-2022
Ray Houghton - Crown Paints logo to left
Ray Houghton - Crown Paints logo to right
Craig Johnston   -   added 16-08-2018
Steve Nicol   -   added 16-08-2018
Ian Rush
   -   added 03-07-2022
Ronnie Whelan   -   added 16-08-2018


  1. Signed black and white photos were available were available to members of the Liverpool FC / crown paints fan club between early 1986 and early 1988. One player was available each month, so there were probably about 20 players in total.

    1. Thanks for letting me know, I've amended the date.

      Kind regards,


  2. I have Craig Johnston, Steve Nicol and Ronnie Whelan

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for getting in touch, it's nice to see those old cards, I'll update my list.



  3. Full set was 22 they where issued through tha fanclub magazine if you sent a self addressed envelope you got a signed photo with a different player each month although 24 magazines where issued due to high demand of Ian Rush no cards issued for the following two mags. Bruce Grobbelaar as two cards in the set (both are different) and kenny’s dose not carry the crown paints logo. I have also found two Ray Houghton with the logo on different sides

    1. Fascinating, thank you for all the information. I noticed an e-mail in my Inbox which I presume is from you. I hope to get around to answering that today.


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