Saturday 26 July 2014

Unknown issuer (Brazil) - Campeonato Mundial Mexico 70


Campeonato Mundial Mexico 70
Unknown issuer
297 stickers?

I don't know much about this album. I think it was issued in Brazil, but I'm not sure. Most of the stickers are almost identical to the F.K.S. release but these have numbers printed on the photo, as can be seen in the pictures and some players are different. 18 stickers per team, including two that make up the countries flag.

10.  Ze Maria (Brasil)

11.  Edu (Brasil)
12.  Toninho (Brasil)
13.  Flag (Brasil)
14.  Flag (Brasil)
15.  Tostao (Brasil)
16.  Rivelino (Brasil)
17.  Pele (Brasil)
18.  Jairzinho (Brasil)
19.  Felix (Brasil)
20.  Everaldo (Brasil)
21.  Rildo (Brasil)
22.  Paulo Cesar (Brasil)
23.  Marco Antonio (Brasil)
24.  Rogerio (Brasil)
25.  Fontana (Brasil)
26.  Ze Carlos (Brasil)
27.  Baldochi (Brasil)

28.  Jeff Astle (Ingleterra)

29.  Alan Ball (Ingleterra)
30.  Gordon Bank (Ingleterra)
31.  Peter Bonetti (Ingleterra)
32.  Bobby Charlton (Ingleterra)
33.  Jackie Charlton (Ingleterra)
34.  Geoff Hurst (Ingleterra)
35.  Brian Labone (Ingleterra)
36.  Francis Lee (Ingleterra)
37.  Bobby Moore (Ingleterra)
38.  Alan Mullery (Ingleterra)
39.  Keith Newton (Ingleterra)
40.  Martin Peters (Ingleterra)
41.  Flag (Ingleterra)
42.  Flag (Ingleterra)
43.  Nobby Stiles (Ingleterra)
44.  Tommy Wright (Ingleterra)
45.  Colin Bell (Ingleterra)

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